Miscellaneous News Reports

Bruce Morton on Robert Kennedy's Funeral The Sixties were a dark period in our recent history. First the assassination of a president then a Civil Rights leader followed by a well-liked Senator. Senator Robert Kennedy was running for the presidency in 1968 and looked like he might be on his way to victory. But in June, in California after winning that state's Democratic primary race, he was gunned down. CBS News correspondent Bruce Morton was asked to detail the funeral proceedings of the slain Senator. His report shows the power of broadcast radio reporting. [206K]

Harry Reasoner on Hemingway's Death On July 21st, 1961, Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winning author, Ernest Hemingway took his own life at his home in Ketchum, Idaho. For those familiar with the clipped style of Hemingway's writing, the urge to parody it when reporting the author's death was certainly tempting. Harry Reasoner provided his parody on the radio when he was asked to report on Hemingway's suicide. His report is another example of the power of radio and the spoken word in the hands of an accomplished journalist. [166K]

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