Tuesday, March 31, 2015

(03/09/2015) ADDED seven new Terry and the Pirates episodes!

(02/20/2015) This is the seventy-seventh anniversary of the start of the Austrian Anchluss when Nazi Germany took over the country of Austria in a bloodless coup. Radio was there as "the world trembled" (to quote Bob Trout) and you can get a sense of this historical event by following the radio broadcasts that took place over the next month of that year, 1938. Includes some new broadcast updates.

(02/19/2015) NEW! A new, but occasional feature offering special downloads from my own collection. These are special items usually of excellent quality that are rarely available. This time, a rarely circulated portion of the anxious excitement as Hitler enters into the Austrian Heldenplatz after completing a bloodless coup.

(01/01/15) A new (Jan-Mar) Radio Timeline with many full programs, new additions and clips of complete programs in mp3 format! Radio Timeline is a three-month timeline of certain events in radio history. Check it out today!

(06/24/2014) ADDED a new page about THE WORLD TODAY program heard on December 7th, 1941. It is also accessed from the regular Pearl Harbor web page.

(03/5/2014) Beginning to update various web pages including several news-related sites so that they will better work with tablet and smartphones. Latest updates include news index page, Murrow, Munich, Austria Anschluss, and Kaltenborn pages.

(01/17/2014) Updated the Comedy page mostly in design and to html5 formatting. Links are no longer Realaudio and are now mp3.

(01/10/2014) Updated the On the Air page which contains current stations playing old time radio.

(01/07/14) Updated Private Eyes page with additional information.


(04/10/2014) Changed Captain Midnight scripts to pdf format from doc format. This was due to preventing issues around security.

(12/20/2013) Added new script from The Perada Treasure. Episode #174.

(12/13/2013) Miscellaneous updating of the Captain Midnight premium and history pages. Some new graphics of premiums and editing tweaks and references on the history page.

(09/06/11) Now, Secret Squadron Members, you can help Captain Midnight by decoding the messages given to you by the announcer on the Ovaltine shows! New shows with Signal Sessions added! Just go to the Ovaltine Sound Archive and listen to your favorite show. When Pierre Andre gives you the hidden code, you'll be able to click on a special decoder page so you can find out the clues!

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