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All radio programs offered here do not appear to be in current circulation or are harder to obtain. I am gradually digitizing my long time collection on reel tapes and will occasionally offer new downloads from time to time.

The Pursuit of Happiness April 28, 1940

Columbia Broadcasting's Vice-President William B. Lewis wanted a program designed to create national pride and awareness and so The Pursuit of Happiness was created to celebrate America and her ideals. Norman Corwin was assigned as the director of the variety series hosted by Burgess Meredith. The show debuted on Sunday, October 22, 1939, at 4:30 pm, immediately following the Philharmonic Symphony.

The series was a one-season showcase combining some of Corwin's and others adaptations with popular, patriotic variety artists and skits of the era. Typical of the overwhelming majority of Corwin's productions, the series was a patriotic celebration of Americans and their heritage. The series was only a thirty minute sustained production but managed to provide a solid period of entertainment thanks to the deft hand of Corwin.

The episode provided here is not complete but comes from an old reel I've had for years that was labeled "Wilbur Hatch." The reel contained portions of programs on which Hatch provided orchestral direction or original music. It was not unusual for artists on radio programs to obtain transcriptions for personal use of the portions in which they were involved. This copy is mostly a drama produced in Hollywood and directed by William Robeson with musical work by Wilbur Hatch. It was about silver entrepraneur and pioneer founder of Denver, Colorado - H.A.W. Tabor and starred Edward Arnold. Hatch was not involved with the series, but did provide the music for this dramatic portion. This episode is not in circulation and may not exist in its complete form save this portion.

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