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All radio programs offered here do not appear to be in current circulation. I am gradually digitizing my long time collection on reel tapes and will occasionally offer new downloads from time to time.

WBBM Chicago Morning Melodies

Chicago's radio station WBBM produced locally a musical interlude program called Morning Melodies from the Midwest which featured various musicians from the studios of Chicago's Wrigley BuildingWBBM located at this time in the Wrigley Building. WBBM was competition to the NBC facilities located in the Merchandise Mart. WBBM had the Columbia Broadcasting System as part of its programming which included its news coverage.

This recording while rarely seen in online and some collector's collections, it is not something uncirculated though it does not seem to be freely available UNTIL NOW! This episode, a fifteen minute musical interlude is from August 13th, 1945 and begins with a bulletin from CBS and Allen Jackson on Tokyo not responding to the Allies demand for unconditional surrender. The next day, the first Atomic Bomb would be dropped over Hiroshima."

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