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All radio programs offered here do not appear to be in current circulation or are harder to obtain. I am gradually digitizing my long time collection on reel tapes and will occasionally offer new downloads from time to time.

After the Joe Louis - Max Schmeling Boxing match June 22, 1938

Joe Louis - Max SchmellingBoxer Joe Louis represented to many African-Americans the symbol of the free black man in a country noted for its racism in the south in the thirties. Max Schmeling, though he was not a member of the National Socialists, represented a Germany that was seeing Adolph Hitler rise to power along with his Nazi party. Schmeling won the World Heavyweight title by default after Jack Sharkey was disqualified in 1930. He continued to retain his title but a couple of years later lost to Sharkey. At age 30, Schmeling was considered on the decline as a fighter compared to the up and coming Joe Louis. The first matchup in 1936 surprised everyone when Schmeling defeated Louis knocking him out in the 12th round. By 1938 when a rematch was staged, it became a battle of the U.S. versus Nazi Germany and black against the representing white superman. Louis knocked out Schmeling two minutes and four seconds into the first round. This recording is not of the fight itself, but rather the interview with Schmeling and the attempted interview with Louis after the fight. Includes noted sports announcer Clem McCarthy.

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