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All radio programs offered here do not appear to be in current circulation. I am gradually digitizing my long time collection on reel tapes and will occasionally offer new downloads from time to time.

Hitler Speaking in the Heldenplatz

Hitler Speaking in the HeldenplatzIn early March, the German forces of the Nazi government marched into Austria in what amounted to a bloodless coup. Previously, Hitler had maneuvered a pro-Nazi government into power, which then invited the German forces into the country. Following behind this was the victorious Hitler, now revered like a god for his re-strengthening Germany after its devastating loss in The Great War. This recording while in some limited circulation is fairly complete and you can hear the anxious excitement in the announcer, who speaks both German and English as the Fuerher appeared on the balcony to speak. The whole scene is one of a festival with the rushing sound of the crowd and the German band music in the background. Hitler began his speech: "As Fuehrer and Chancellor of the German Nation and the Reich, I report before history the entry of my homeland into the German Reich."

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