aptain Midnight
The Skelly Years Stories

Episode 1 {Program #167 - 10/17/39)
Captain Midnight and Chuck meet a man who says he is Juan Perada. When Midnight tells Perada who he is, the old man tells the pair about how his estate has been captured by Ivan Shark. He tells them how he was tortured to reveal where his treasures are hidden. He also says that his daughter, Dolores, is apparently dead. [Flight Patrol Medal Premium]

Episode 2 (Program #168 - 10/18/39)
While Perada has been telling Midnight and Chuck his tale, a plane containing the pilot Von Grippe comes over the men. Chuck runs to his plane and chases Von Grippe away by firing his machine gun. After they are out of danger, the three take off in their plane to take Perada to a dried lake bed. Perada says his men are there. Meanwhile Shark and his daughter Fury watch the events unfold. When Von Grippe returns, Shark orders the pilot to attack a cabin where the rest of Midnight's party is waiting. According to the pilot, the cabin is surrounded. [Flight Patrol Medal Premium]

Episode 3 (Program #169 - 10/19/39)
Ma Donovan and Patsy along with Pinky and Slim are hiding in a cabin guarding a wounded pilot they have pulled from a plane. The pilot is apparently one of Shark's men. While waiting Von Grippe flies over the cabin. Patsy and Pinky spot the men who have them surrounded and are worried that Chuck and Midnight will be picked off when they land. Meanwhile, the two are flying south to a dried lake bed. They make a successful landing, but the plane sinks into the mud. [Flight Patrol Medal Premium]

Episode 4 (Program #170 - 10/20/39)
Stuck in the lake bed, Perada says that his men should be nearby and can help get the plane out. But the three are exhausted and decide to catch some sleep. Later in the evening Chuck and Midnight plan to go to the cabin to get their friends. Two other pilots, Major Steele and Bud Conley, who are friends of Midnight's are trying to get to the border to get help. Chuck asks Midnight about the difference between good and bad gasoline. Eventually they leave to go to the cabin. When they arrive, they find the door open and the cabin empty! [Flight Patrol Medal Premium]

Episode 5 (Program #171 - 10/23/39)
The scene opens with Shark and his daughter Fury standing near the edge of a field near the remains of the cabin that held Major Steele. They discover that Steele and Conley escaped through a secret passage in the cabin. Von Grippe arrives in his plane and receives orders to drop a dud bomb at the cabin where Slim, Pinky, Patsy and Ma are holed up. The dud will warn them about the coming bombs which will contain explosives to destroy the cabin. Meanwhile, later, Midnight and Chuck are moving closely to the cabin, where they discover the bombed out remains. But no one is to be found! But wait...Chuck sees something up the ridge! [Flight Patrol Medal Premium]

Episode 6 (Program #172 - 10/24/39)
In a time shift, Slim, Pinky, Ma and Patsy are guarding the captured pilot Zolinger in the cabin. They wonder what happened to Midnight and Chuck and worry about the men surrounding the cabin. A plane flies over when a bomb dud is dropped. The group decides to run from the cabin taking the pilot with them. Midnight's friends escape to a cave as Von Grippe destroys the cabin with his bombs. They see two people moving in the dark woods. Patsy gives out a call she has used as a signal to Chuck. Will he hear it? [Flight Patrol Medal Premium]

Episode 7 (Program #173 - 10/25/39)
Chuck and Midnight are in the woods looking for Slim, Pinky, Patsy & Ma when they hear the sound of an owl. Chuck remembers the call he and Patsy shared as a signal. He answers and realizes it must be Patsy. They follow the call and finally meet together. Midnight decides to try to interrogate the captured pilot Zolinger. While the group leaves the pilot alone, Zolinger takes the opportunity to escape. [Flight Patrol Medal Premium]

Episode 8 (Program #174 - 10/26/39)
Searching for Zolinger has been futile. Midnight decides that because the pilot might return to Ivan Shark and reveal their hiding place the group must move on. The group stops to rest after a two hour walk. Meanwhile, Ivan Shark, Fury and Fang meet with Von Grippe. The pilot has found Zolinger and brings him along to meet Shark. When Shark queries Zolinger about Captain Midnight, the pilot deliberately misleads him. Is this a new ally for Midnight? [Flight Patrol Medal Premium]

Episode 9 (Program #175 - 10/27/39)
Midnight and Chuck climb to the top of a ridge and sit down to figure things out. They decide they cannot use the plane still stuck in the mud because of a lack of gas. They decide to go alone to catch up with Perada and his men. Sometime later, the two arrive near the hunting lodge and find Perada and his men there. With their help, Chuck and Midnight decide to try to pull the plane out of the mud. Before they can pull it out another plane appears and dives on them. [Flight Patrol Medal Premium and teaser]

Episode 10 (Program #176 - 10/30/39)
As the plane dives, Chuck and Midnight have to drop down in an open area of the lake bed. But the plane doesn't fire on them. Once again the plane dives, but still does not fire. After the plane is gone, they decide to hide in a nearby cave where Perada's men will guard them. Meanwhile, Von Grippe returns to Shark. He reports that he has found Midnight and his friends. Shark and Fury decide to take action against Von Grippe, but a plane is landing nearby. [Flight Patrol Medal Premium and teaser]

Episode 11 (Program #177 - 10/31/39)
Episode 12 (Program #178 - 11/01/39)
Episode 13 (Program #179 - 11/02/39)
Episode 14 (Program #180 - 11/03/39)

Episode 15 (Program #181 - 11/06/39)
During their meal at night a plane attacks Midnight, Perada and the others. The group uses earthen jugs of water to put out the cooking fires. The group hides among the trees and in the cave as the plane passes over. Midnight decides that he and Chuck will fly to Shark's headquarters and steal gas for their plane. Meanwhile, Zolinger reports to Shark on his flights over Midnight and the others. When he leaves, Dolores Perada asks to see Shark. He tells her she can leave if she reveals the location of the treasure. [Flight Patrol Medal Premium and teaser]

Episode 16 (Program #182 - 11/07/39)
Ivan Shark is trying to trick Senorita Delores, Perada's daughter, into revealing where the Perada Treasure is hidden. Delores thinks that Shark is holding her father too. If she reveals the location, Shark says he will release her and her father. Delores says she will bring a part of the treasure to prove she can provide the information. Meanwhile Midnight and Chuck are taking off from the lake bed to go to the hacienda to steal gasoline. When they land, Fang, Shark's servant, sees them and attempts to sabotage Midnight's plane. [Flight Patrol Medal Premium and teaser]

Episode 17 (Program #183 - 11/08/39)
Attempting to stop Fang, Midnight and Chuck fire over his head. Fang tells him that Shark is returning and the pair hear the planes of Shark's return. As they take off, the planes give pursuit, but the pair escape by hiding in the clouds. When they return, they tell Perada they saw a young girl at the hacienda. Perada realizes this is his daughter and she is alive! Pebbles takes Chuck and Patsy to the location of his great surprise. [Flight Patrol Medal Premium and teaser]

Episode 18 (Program #184 - 11/09/39)
Pebbles reveals the surprise is Mexican jumping beans. He tells them about the beans, the Ring-o Jump-o game and offers them to Chuck and Patsy. Meanwhile, Shark tells Gardo about his plans to attack Midnight, Perada and the others. Fang tells Shark about the visit of Captain Midnight. He also tells Shark that Delores Perada did not reveal the location of the treasure. Delores is brought before Shark where she discovers his treachery. She tries to kill Shark with a knife! [Mexican Jumping Beans and Ring-o Jump-o Game Premium]

Episode 19 (Program #185 - 11/10/39)
When Gardo tries to stop Delores, she slashes him and tries to escape, but the door is locked. Shark convinces Delores to agree to give them the treasure which she tells him is behind a screen in the room. After one minute behind the screen, Delores does not appear. Shark and Gardo find she is gone! Meanwhile, Midnight and his friends hide the plane under some trees near the lake bed. Patsy tells Chuck and Midnight about the possible escape through an underground passage in the cave! [Mexican Jumping Beans and Ring-o Jump-o Game Premium]

Episode 20 (Program #186 - 11/13/39)
Patsy, Chuck and Pebbles go inside the cave into a chamber to the underground river. The trio hear a roaring sound and Pebbles warns them not to go on! Meanwhile, Dolores disappears behind a screen apparently through a trap door. Shark, Gardo and Fang discover the door that took Delores into the secret passage. Leaving Fang to guard the entrance, Shark and Gardo go deeper into the underground passageway. [Mexican Jumping Bean and Ring-o Jump-o Game Premium]

Episode 21 (Program #187 - 11/14/39)
Shark and Gardo continue to follow the passageway discovering a cave-in that appears to have blocked Delores from escaping. By following footprints, the two discover Delores in the distance kneeling before a chest trying to unlock it. Meanwhile, Patsy, Chuck and Pebbles continue to explore the underground river and waterfall. The river falls down the mountainside to an Aztec Temple below. Chuck slips and falls into the swiftly moving river. [Mexican Jumping Bean and Ring-o Jump-o Game Premium]

Episode 22 (Program #188 - 11/15/39)
As Chuck moves down the river, he is able to steer himself to some overhanging trees. He pulls himself into the trees and Chuck is able to climb onto the tree. But they need a rope to get him from the tree. While getting the rope, Slim, Pinky and Midnight find out about Chuck. They all return to the cave to rescue him. Meanwhile, Shark and Gardo re-capture Delores and also discover a treasure map. [Mexican Jumping Bean and Ring-o Jump-o Game Premium]

Episode 23 (Program #189 - 11/16/39)
Now safe and sound, Midnight and friends discuss their new means of escaping from their hideout, which is surrounded by Shark's men. Chuck and Midnight decide to fly out with Perada to the hacienda and try to rescue Delores. They land and sneak in via an underground passage. But Perada finds that the outside door is left open from the passage. [Mexican Jumping Bean and Ring-o Jump-o Game Premium]

Episode 24 (Program #190 - 11/17/39)
Chuck, Perada and Midnight enter the secret passage through the door which was already open. They discover the passage is blocked and begin to clear it. Meanwhile, back in the Perada study, Shark calls in Dolores Perada to explain the treasure map he has found in the passage. He tricks Delores into revealing that the treasure is in the Aztec Temple. [Mexican Jumping Bean and Ring-o Jump-o Game Premium]

Episode 25 (Program #191 - 11/20/39)
Midnight, Chuck and Perada clear the passage discover the door at the other end of the passageway is open. They fear for discovery and wait in the passage to see if anyone comes through. Meanwhile, Shark is studying the treasure map. Gardo has hidden Delores in the underground passage. Shark makes plans to travel to the Aztec Temple to find the treasure. Back to Midnight and the others, they capture someone in the passageway. It is Zolinger! Zolinger writes a message telling Midnight who he is and provides some information to him. While they are looking at the note, Zolinger escapes once more! [Mexican Jumping Bean and Ring-o Jump-o Game Premium]

Episode 26 (Program #192 - 11/21/39)
Midnight reads the rest of the note from Zolinger to the others. Zolinger wrote that the three had nothing to fear from him. They finish clearing the passageway and move forward. Moving down the passage they discover Delores trapped there by Ivan Shark. She explains the situation and Midnight decides they will try to capture Shark in the Perada study. But unknown to Midnight, Fang has revealed that Midnight's plane has landed and that Midnight may be close by! [Mexican Jumping Bean and Ring-o Jump-o Game Premium]

Episode 27 (Program #193 - 11/22/39)
Fearing that Midnight might be in the passageway, Shark has Fang gather his men to be ready to get Midnight should he try to escape out the passage. Meanwhile, Shark turns out the lights in the study and lies in wait for Midnight to come out the secret door. The scene changes to Midnight, Chuck, Perada and Dolores. Chuck and Midnight plan to continue to the study leaving Perada and his daughter guarding the passageway. They open the secret door and Midnight uses ventriloquism to attempt to fool Ivan Shark's trap! [Flight Patrol Premium]

Episode 28 (Program #194 - 11/23/39 - Thanksgiving)
Shark has revealed himself through Captain Midnight's trap. Chuck goes back to get Delores and Perada to help Midnight try to overcome any guards left in the library. Meanwhile, Shark realizes he has been fooled and thinking Midnight is fleeing back to his plane leaves Gardo to protect the library. Midnight and his group enter the library and see Zolinger in the room. Through pencil and pad, Zolinger tells them how to escape to their plane. Meanwhile, Shark enters the passageway from the outside. Gardo joins them telling Shark he has left Zolinger in the library. They find nothing in the passageway, but Fang sees Midnight heading to the plane and warns Ivan Shark.

Episode 29 (Program #195 - 11/24/39)
Dolores, Perada, Midnight and Chuck all run to the wall surrounding the hacienda. While Chuck and Dolores run to a plane, Midnight and Perada hold off Shark's attacking men. Shark divides his men into two groups to attack Midnight from two directions. While Chuck and Dolores take off, Midnight and Perada hold off Shark's men using the gun from the other plane. They too take off. Meanwhile Gardo has taken off from a different location and pursues Chuck soon atacking him by firing on his Chuck's plane.

Episode 30 (Program #196 - 11/27/39)
As Chuck tries to evade the guns of Gardo, he is shot down and forces to crash land near an Aztec temple. Meanwhile, Patsy, Pinky and Slim are traveling with Pebbles through the wooded area also near the temple. They see Chuck crash landing not realizing it is Chuck, thinking it is one of Shark's pilots who has been shot down by Midnight. As Chuck comes down, we hear through Patsy's description that the plane looks like it is going over into the water.

Episode 31 (Program #197 - 11/28/39)
Gardo and Barker (Gardo's gunner) describe how Chuck is going down. They decide not to chase Chuck figuring he will crash, but Chuck is able to stop in time. Meanwhile, Patsy and the rest run down to help Chuck. But Gardo is diving to shoot at the group on the ground. As they duck behind a wall, they are able to avoid the bullets. The plane moves on and Chuck tells Patsy and the others what happened in the air. Meanwhile, another plane is heard in the distance. Could Gardo return?

Episode 32 (Program #198 - 11/29/39)
The plane in the distance turns out to be Midnight and Perada heading for the dry-lake bed. When they don't see Chuck's plane they try to determine where he might have gone down. Meanwhile, they see a plane in the distance heading toward the hacienda. As they head toward the plane, they discover Chuck's plane on the ground near the Aztec temple. As they head down the group on the ground runs for cover thinking Midnight is one of Shark's men. Midnight and Perada decide to land at the lake bed and drop a note to Chuck on the ground to meet them at the landing site. Meanwhile, at Shark's headquarters Fury and Shark argue about Zollinger. Fury will observe Zollinger while Shark questions him.

Episode 33 (Program #199 - 11/30/39)
Shark questions Zollinger about his involvement in Midnight's escape. But Zollinger appeals to Shark's deceptive ways and is allowed to go free. Gardo arrives and experiences the wrath of Shark. But Gardo explains to Shark how Chuck landed at the Aztec temple. Shark realizes that Midnight and the others may join Chuck and Dolores and begins to develop a plan to capture them. Meanwhile, Chuck and Midnight contemplate flying out of the Aztec temple area. Midnight decides that Chuck, because of his lower weight, will have to be the one to attempt the flyout. [57 Piece Dinnerware Premium sponsored by Skelgas Natural Gas and Gas Ranges]

Episode 34 (Program #200 - 12/1/39)
Shark is visited by Sen˘r Lutro to whom Shark has agreed to sell Pareda's cattle. Shark's men will drive the cattle using airplanes! Shark also plans on visiting the Aztec temple to determine how he will attack Midnight. Meanwhile, Midnight and the others move the plan to prepare for Chuck's attempt to fly out of the temple. Failure will mean instant death! [57 Piece Dinnerware Premium sponsored by Skelgas Natural Gas and Gas Ranges]

Episode 35 (Program #201 - 12/4/39)
Chuck manages the wall, but the plane dips toward the river at the last minute rising back up clearing the trees. Midnight and the others leave the temple area and return to the lake bed where Chuck has landed. Midnight decides he and Perada will take off to tell the authorities about Shark. Chuck will be left behind in charge. Meanwhile, Ivan Shark and Gardo have snuck up to the Aztec temple following Midnight's secret trail and discover that Chuck's plane is gone. They plan to surprise Midnight the next day. [57 Piece Dinnerware Premium sponsored by Skelgas Natural Gas and Gas Ranges]

Episode 36 (Program #202 - 12/5/39)
Midnight and Pareda have taken off to visit the authorities. While in the air Pareda tells Midnight about the cattle raider, Lutro. Also from the air they see many campfires which don't make sense. They decide to land to see what is going on. But a plane approaches. Who is the pilot landing? Meanwhile, Slim and Pinky are in the wooded area hunting deer for a surprise barbeque feast. [57 Piece Dinnerware Premium sponsored by Skelgas Natural Gas and Gas Ranges]

Episode 37 (Program #203 - 12/6/39)
The unknown pilot has landed near Midnight's ship. It is Von Grippe! He claims he has left Shark's employ because he has double-crossed Shark. Von Grippe attempts to fool Midnight and turn the tables, but he fails and Midnight and Perada overpower him. Meanwhile, Chuck, Patsy and Pebbles look for Pinky and Slim, but they are missing! Chuck believes the two have been captured by Ivan Shark's men. [57 Piece Dinnerware Premium sponsored by Skelgas Natural Gas and Gas Ranges]

Episode 38 (Program #204 - 12/7/39)
Chuck and Patsy find Pinky and Slim. It appears they have fallen into Pinky's own deer trap. Meanwhile, Shark and Gardo discuss the details of the cattle drive using airplanes. Fang reports that one of Shark's spies discovered that Midnight took off from the dry lake bed. Meanwhile, Chuck and Patsy wonder why Midnight has not returned. Chuck decides to fly out and look for Midnight. He takes Patsy along with him. [Flight Patrol Reporter Premium]

Episode 39 (Program #205 - 12/8/39)
The cattle drive begins and Midnight tells Perada that he is going to try to stop the drive. But a plane approaches and Midnight fears that Shark has discovered him. As the plane flies over a white streamer is seen and Midnight realizes it is Chuck. Chuck lands and Midnight tells Chuck his plan to try to deflect the cattle drive. While Chuck is waiting for Midnight, his plane begins to sputter. He realizes that he needs to land because he is running out of gas. Unfortunately he is right in front of the herd which is coming toward him. [Flight Patrol Reporter Premium]

Episode 40 (Program #206 - 12/11/39)
Chuck comes down in front of the stampeding herd of cattle. Midnight tries to help out by diving on the cattle. Chuck and Patsy have no way to escape, so Chuck uses the machine gun to try to stop the cattle. The machine gun causes the cattle to divide on each side of the plane. As the cattle pass by, Chuck and Patsy are able to get out and escape climbing to where Von Grippe's plane was sitting. But Von Grippe is gone! [Flight Patrol Reporter Premium]

Episode 41 (Program #207 - 12/12/39)
Chuck and Patsy take off in Von Grippe's plane in the nick of time as Von Grippe(?) come after him. Midnight in a plane with Perada encounter a group of planes belonging to Ivan Shark. To help them avoid seeing Chuck and Patsy's plane, Midnight distracts them. Coming close to an attack, Midnight loses them in a cloud. Meanwhile Gardo brings the bad news to Shark that the herd has been scattered. Gardo is told to get the herd through or else he will be turned over to Fury for torture. Rossman, Shark's man on the ground, has found another way into the valley. Shark sets up an attack on Midnight's group! [Flight Patrol Reporter Premium]

Episode 42 (Program #208 - 12/13/39)
Shark, Fury and Gardo follow Rossman's alternate way into the Aztec Valley and the Temple. They go into the Aztec Water Trap and make plans to lure Midnight into it! Meanwhile, back and camp, Midnight and Chuck discuss their close escape and make plans on preventing the herd from being stolen! [Flight Patrol Reporter Premium]

Episode 43 (Program #209 - 12/14/39)
Midnight and Chuck rise before dawn to prepare to take off to scatter the herd again, but Shark's men are coming through the newly discovered way into the valley to attack the party. Chuck flies out to get help while Midnight sets the other plane on fire to avoid its capture. As Chuck is taking off, Shark's men prepare to fire at his plane! [Captain Midnight Bicycle Tires]

Episode 44 (Program #210 - 12/15/39)
Chuck takes off safely while Midnight and Patsy watch the burning plane. Midnight takes his party into the Aztec temple via the underground cave to elude Shark's men. Meanwhile, Chuck returns having failed to get to help. He has run into Ivan Shark, Gardo, and Zollinger flying after him to shoot him down. But Chuck leaves the plane to parachute down. Gardo plans on attacking the parachutist as he comes down. [Captain Midnight Bicycle Tires]

Episode 45 (Program #211 - 12/18/39)
As Chuck is coming down Gardo dives on him. Chuck "slips" his chute to fall away from Gardo's plane but the pilot pulls away at the last minute as Slim and Midnight fire on the plane to help Chuck. Chuck lands safely in the temple square. Meanwhile, Ivan Shark and Fury watch the events unfold. They are furious that Gardo has failed. Gardo bails out of his crippled plane and lands near Shark. Shark also observes Midnight's party heading for the temple. Shark instructs Fang to tell Rossman's men to plan on killing all of Midnight's men as he plans on trapping Midnight and Chuck in the Water Trap. [Skelgas 57 Piece Dinnerware]

Episode 46 (Program #212 - 12/19/39)
Midnight, Perada and Chuck make plans on escaping (listen for the actor playing Captain Midnight to slip on his lines). They make plans to build a raft to escape after the Perada Treasure is secure. Meanwhile, Patsy and Pebbles while discussing the ancient Aztecs discover footprints near the temple. [Skelgas 57 Piece Dinnerware]

Episode 47 (Program #213 - 12/20/39)
Patsy and Pebbles examine the footprints they have discovered and decide to go to Midnight to report their discovery. Meanwhile, Lutro shows Von Griffe the water trap created by the Aztec Indians and how to work the controls. As they leave, they discover Midnight also at the temple inadvertently blocking their way out. They decide to lure Midnight and Ivan Shark into the temple, where they plan on getting rid of both of them. [Skelgas 57 Piece Dinnerware]

Episode 48 (Program #214 - 12/21/39)
Von Griffe and Lutro meet Midnight and hold him under a gun. But Midnight is able to turn the tables and forces the two men out of the temple into a raging storm. Midnight's friends all take refuge in the temple from the storm. Later that night, Shark, Fury and Gardo arrive at the temple and enter it via a secret passage. Shark takes Fury to the water chamber controls and explains to her how they work. Shark explains he plans on trapping Midnight and Chuck in the chamber along with himself. When the water in the chamber is full, he plans to escape leaving Midnight and Chuck to drown! [Captain Midnight Bicycle Tires]

Episode 49 (Program #215 - 12/22/39)
Events are coming together as all parties are in the temple. Midnight and Chuck worry about the storm and its effect on a possible collapse. Meanwhile, Shark and Fury prepare the chamber unaware that Lutro and Von Griffe are nearby discussing their own plans. Shark's cries lure Midnight and Chuck into the chamber where they find themselves trapped and water coming in with no apparent escape! Exciting episode! [Captain Midnight Bicycle Tires]

Episode 50 (Program #216 - 12/25/39)-Christmas
Trapped in the water chamber, Shark tries to convince Midnight and Chuck that he did not intend to trap himself. As the water rises, Midnight tries to find a way out as Chuck begins to worry and Shark mocks the situation. Shark finds out that Von Griffe and Lutro are also in the temple and realizes that his plans could be thwarted!

Episode 51 (Program #217 - 12/26/39)
Von Griffe and Lutro capture Fury, who controls the water trap. Tying her up they decide to wait out the filling of the trap thereby sealing the fate of Shark, Midnight and Chuck Ramsay. Meanwhile in the water chamber, the water reaches the ceiling forcing Midnight into a plan! They dive under the water - what does Midnight have in mind?

Episode 52 (Program #218 - 12/27/39)
Pareda and Patsy worry about the missing Midnight and Ramsay. Along with Pinky and Slim, they decide to go looking for them in the temple. Meanwhile, Von Griffe and Lutro meet up with Pareda and the others claiming to be looking for Midnight. They lie to the group taking them hostage. While the group is away from Fury, Gardo shows up freeing Fury. Frantically, she opens the doors to the trap. As the water recedes, the two find that there are no bodies in the chamber!

Episode 53 (Program #219 - 12/28/39)
Midnight and Chuck have been able to escape from the water trap, but where is the body of Ivan Shark? Fury was unable even with the help of Gardo to find the body in the now empty water trap. Von Griffe and Lutro, not knowing the truth, tell Pareda and his party that Midnight, Chuck and Ivan Shark are all dead. But Midnight is able to rescue the party just as Von Griffe intends to kill them. When Midnight and Chuck go to get Fury Shark who was left tied up, she is gone! Midnight and his party decide to lead a band of Pareda's men to re-capture the hacienda.

Episode 54 (Program #220 - 12/29/39)
As the party makes plans to attack the hacienda, Midnight and Chuck plan to sneak in via the underground passage while Pareda and his men attack through the front door. Shark's men are captured including Fang and the mute pilot Zollinger!

Episode 55 (Program #221 - 1/1/40)
Midnight and Chuck complete their interview with Fang, who is now their prisoner, and bring in the mute pilot Zollinger. Zollinger wants to help the two with his knowledge confessing that he is not deaf as he has acted. During the interview, shots are fired outside. Ivan Shark's man, Rossman brings his men to break free the prisoners of Midnight. Zollinger joins Midnight's team and offers help and advice. Meanwhile, Gardo and Fury are still searching for the body of Shark. They see someone swimming in the jungle river!

Episode 56 (Program #222 - 1/3/40)
As Fury and Gardo watch the man in the water, they seem him coming out of the water. It's Ivan Shark! Shark tells them that the Perada Treasure is in the water chamber and he wants to go back to get it. Fury tells Shark what has occurred so far. Shark explains how he escaped. Meanwhile, Midnight, Chuck, Perada and his men decide to head back to the hacienda, then Midnight and Chuck will head to the temple. Back at the water chamber, Shark dives back into the water to gather the treasure. But it is gone! [Program switches to a 3-a-week format even though it is announced to "tune in tomorrow."]

Episode 57 (Program #223 - 1/5/40)
Returning to the water chamber, Midnight and Chuck along with members of the Perada party see a shadowy figure flee ahead of them. It is Ivan Shark and his party running away after hearing people approach. They dive into the water looking for the body of Ivan Shark. Finding nothing they head back to check on Ma, Patsy and the others. Sending Patsy and the others to the hacienda, Midnight and Chuck decide to find Shark's hidden airfield. As they approach the airfield, shots are heard followed by a plane engine warming up for take off.

Episode 58 (Program #224 - 1/8/40)
Midnight and Chuck have arrived at the airport as a scuffle ensues. But before they can react, a plane takes off. The two capture a man who turns out to be Rosman, a man whose men helped free some of Shark's men. Shark has double-crossed Rosman and now the man's choice is to fight Ivan Shark. Perada invites Midnight to stay at his hacienda, but the man declines. Instead, they decide to stay for the Fiesta. Meanwhile, Chuck, Patsy and Pebbles talk about the water chamber. [Special guest is director of Spartan School of Aeronautics]

Episode 59 (Program #225 - 1/10/40)
Perada discusses with Midnight where to send Pebbles for flying school. Then a Mexican fiesta begins. Later, Chuck and Patsy wander out and get in one of the airplanes. They turn on the plane's radio and hear a mysterious voice asking for someone to send help!

This is the beginning of the Mysterious Voice storyline.

Episode 60 (Program #226 - 1/12/40)
Hearing the mysterious voice radioing for help, Captain Midnight builds a radio direction finder to try to receive the faint distress signals!

Episode 61 (Program #227 - 1/15/40)
The Mysterious Voice seems to be Major Steele! Captain Midnight gathers the team to begin a search for him. [A commercial guest from the Spartan School of Aeronautics. He is a member of "The Dawn Patrol" and a student pilot]

Episode 62 (Program #228 - 1/17/40)
Captain Midnight is able to find the wrecked airplane, but how will they get the injured men to safety? [Captain Midnight Photo Premiumn]

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