Before there was television, most folks received their entertainment in their homes via radio. Christmas time was always a special time, but when radio was in its heyday, there was also a major war going on. This web page offers you an opportunity to hear some of what listeners in the thirties and forties might have heard during the Christmas season! The inspiration for this page came from an article that appeared in the publication of the Society to Preserve and Encourage Radio Drama, Variety, and Comedy.

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White House Christmas Tree Ceremony - December 24, 1941 (Mutual Broadcasting)
World News Today (CBS) - December 26, 1943
News From Around the World (NBC) - December 25, 1944


The First Nighter Program - Little Town of Bethlehem - 12/24/1945
Front Page Drama - The Christmas Ghost - 12/21/1933
Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - The Night Before Christmas - 12/24/1945
Mystery Castle: Episode 9 - December 1947
Grand Central Station - The Ambulance


Angelus - Christmas Show - AFRS - Undated
Philco Radio Time with Bing Crosby - 12/24/1947
Christmas on the Blue - 12/25/1944 - 1/2 hr of 2 hr special
WRVA Virginia War Memorial Carillon - 12/25/1944 - Christmas Broadcast


Roy Rogers Show - 12/25/1951
Red Ryder - Christmas Show - 12/23/1948
The Six Shooter - Britt Ponset's Christmas - 12/20/1953


Fibber McGee & Molly - 12/16/1941
Camel Comedy Caravan - 12/21/1945
Jack Benny - 12/11/1938

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