Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 70 – Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar #3

Edmund O'BrienWe’re now at part 3 of our look at Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar. This week I’ll focus on the portrayal of the detective by actor Edmond O’Brien. This run of the series takes on a much darker less whimsical tone as created by the new producer Jaime De Valle.

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 69 – Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar #2

Charles RussellContinuing the look at the history of Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar. I’ll be looking at the first serial Johnny Dollar – actor Charles Russell (right) and how he approached the character. I’ll also look at how he differed from Dick Powell’s portrayal that was heard in the previous podcast.

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Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 68 – Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar #1

Dick PowellThis week the start of a series looking at the history of Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar and how it changed over its 13 year history. This week’s is an audition recording starring Dick Powell as Johnny in an episode that never aired.

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 67 – 21st Precinct

Harold StoneAnother police procedural radio series besides Dragnet was 21st Precinct. It was in some ways even more straight-forward than Jack Webb’s version. This show looked at the 21st precinct of a New York City borough and the people who lived and died in it.

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 66 – The Saint

Leslie CharterisThis week an extensive look at the history of The Saint, aka Simon Templer and its author Leslie Charteris (right). I’ll look at the different media appearances of the series plus snippets of interviews with one of Charteris’ biographers Dick Fiddy.

Interview clips come from Geoffrey Richards and the BBC.

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Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 65 – Inspector Thorne

Staats CotsworthAnother radio detective from the factory of Frank and Ann Hummert was Inspector Thorne. The series was short-lived and also had two stars portraying the lead. The first was Karl Weber and the second was Staats Cotsworth (right).

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 64 – Murder, My Sweet

Dick PowellThis week – a return to hardboiled detective fiction writer, Raymond Chandler. In 1944, the film Murder, My Sweet was released based on Chandler’s book Farewell, My Lovely. In 1945 the Lux Radio Theater produced an adaptation of the film starring much of the original cast including Dick Powell and Claire Trevor (right). Some interesting Chandler tidbits about the production.

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I’ll be taking a week off attending the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention in Maryland.

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 63 – Inspector Collins

Arthur Conan DoyleArthur Conan Doyle (right) is best known for his creation of the detective Sherlock Holmes. This week I look at another detective creation of his – one Inspector Collins of Scotland Yard. He only appeared once on radio and that was in the Escape presentation of a Conan Doyle short story – “The Lost Special” about a train that seems to totally vanish.

Collins has Holmesian characteristics in his detective skills.

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Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 62 – Mr. I.A. Moto

John P. MarquandWhile John P. Marquand (right) found literary success in his books such as The Late George Apley, he found commercial success in a series of detective/spy novels featuring a Japanese mystery man – Mr. I.A. Moto. This week I feature the agent that Peter Lorre made famous and also made Lorre successful. By the time radio found the novels, Moto had become a detective/agent fighting Communism in America.

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 61 – Perry Mason

John LarkinThis week another radio detective cum lawyer born from the daytime serial dramas. Perry Mason on radio was wedged between two other “soap operas” and though it was also one, it was different from the others. I’ll look at Earl Stanley Gardner and his famous lawyer who did a lot of detective work on the radio version. There were several actors who portrayed him on radio, but the most frequently remembered one was John Larkin (right).

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