Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 94 – Adventures by Morse

Carlton E. MorseThis week begins a two part look at a somewhat different group of detectives. Adventures by Morse is about Captain Bart Friday and Skip Turner, two detectives who are born more out of the pulp traditions than the hardboiled school. Carlton E. Morse (right) created these series of adventure-mysteries. You’ll hear part one of three this week and the final two parts next week.

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 93 – Sam Spade

Dashiel HammettA revisit to the hardboiled world of Dashiell Hammett (right) with a special broadcast of the Adventures of Sam Spade with Howard Duff in an hour long episode from the radio series Suspense. We’ll look at the seamy world of Hammett, hear from producer William Spier and Howard Duff.

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 92 – Charlie Chan

Earl Derr BiggersCharlie Chan was one of radio, film and televisions best known detectives. Earl Derr Biggers (right) fictional Honolulu detective has remained popular for many years. This week a look at all of the Chan versions on radio, plus two episodes from two of the series.

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 91 – Nero Wolfe V

Harry BartellThe final look at Rex Stout’s Archie Goodwin as he appeared on radio. This week a look at the final Archie – Harry Bartell (right). Also a little discussion on the detective character as perceived by Stout and a brief clip of a Canadian run of the series.

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 90 – Nero Wolfe IV

Continuing with our look at the Archie Goodwin’s from the radio Nero Wolfe series, this week, my favorite Archie actor – Gerald Mohr (right), formerly of the Adventures of Philip Marlowe radio show. Mohr had all the elements of a good Archie Goodwin as I think Rex Stout envisioned him.

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 89 – Nero Wolfe III

Larry DobkinThe third of a four part look at the Archie Goodwin character and the actors who portrayed him on radio. We’re now into the third series run of this radio detective – The New Adventures of Nero Wolfe. This run starred Sidney Greenstreet as the corpulent Wolfe. But the one year run of this series had no less than six actors portraying the detective’s important sidekick – Archie Goodwin!

This week, you’ll hear four of the six through clips with the fourth appearing in a complete episode – Larry Dobkin (right) was one of the longer Archie Goodwin’s during this run.

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 88 – Nero Wolfe II

Elliott LewisPart II of our continuing look at Rex Stout’s Archie Goodwin portrayals on the Nero Wolfe radio series. This week, Elliott Lewis (right) steps into the role of Goodwin with Francis X. Bushman as Wolfe. Lewis was one of radio’s most versatile persons. He was an actor, both comedic as well as serious, producer, director and writer. This week’s episode is from The Amazing Nero Wolfe!

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 87 – Nero Wolfe

Elliott LewisThis week begins a multi-podcast look at Rex Stout’s Archie Goodwin character as portrayed on radio. While the podcast will feature episodes from Nero Wolfe, the focus will be on the differences between the actors who portrayed Archie Goodwin on the series.

This week’s begins with veteran radio actor John Gibson who portrayed Archie while Santos Ortega portrayed Wolfe in the first run from the series in 1944.

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 86 – Man From Homicide

Dan DuryeaAn episode from a well-written, but rarely found series about detective Lieutenant Dana of the Homicide Bureau. Starred Dan Duryea (right) as Dana, this series was very short-lived – four months. Only three episodes are known to exist of this rare series.

Music under is Roy Eldridge.

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 85 – Gunsmoke Redux

William ConradOur final look at Gunsmoke as detective serial. This is from the regular run of Gunsmoke in 1952 starring William Conrad (right). I’ll look at how it shares some elements of the detective genre.

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