Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 116 – Adventures of the Abbotts

Claudia MorganThe final entry into my look at women radio detectives. This week is an example of the many husband and wife detective teams that appeared on radio. Others included Adventures of the Thin Man, Mr. & Mrs North, It’s a Crime, Mr. Collins and Front Page Farrell. This week’s series used characters from the pen of Frances Crane in which Jean Abbott is a much stronger detective than she was portrayed on radio. Claudia Morgan (right) and Les Damon starred as Jean and Pat Abbott.

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 115 – Miss Pinkerton, Incorporated

Joan Blondell/Dick PowellContinuing with the second part look at women radio detectives, I look at another radio detective series in which a woman was the lead private investigator. Miss Pinkerton, Incorporated starred Joan Blondell and Dick Powell (right), husband and wife in real life at the time as Mary Vance, head of the Vance Detective Agency and Police investigator Murray. The only surviving episode was the premier. This was a lighter show but clicked as both Blondell and Powell were naturals in front of a radio microphone.

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 114 – Candy Matson

Jack FrenchI begin a new series of podcasts focusing on radio’s “Lady Detectives.” First up is Candy Matson, probably the best of the lady detectives on radio. There are extensive sound bytes from my interview with Jack French (right) who authored Private Eyelashes, a book which looks at radio’s female detectives. Candy Matson was a production for the West Coast coming out of San Francisco beginning in 1949.

Music under is Johnny Mercer singing “Candy.”

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 113 – 21st Precinct

Harold StonePart two of a look at the police procedurals of radio drama. While Dragnet was the “daddy” of procedurals, 21st Precinct was probably an example of almost pure procedure. Dragnet had characters listeners could care about. 21st Precinct was much dryer in tone even forsaking opening and closing music and musical bridges to maintain a sense of a documentary style approach. The opening voice was always the desk sergeant mostly portrayed by veteran radio and television actor, Harold Stone (right).

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 112 – Dragnet

Jack WebbBeginning a new theme – police procedurals. The detective genre’s most recent sub-genre is the police procedural. Radio followed suit with the introduction of Dragnet in 1949 created by Jack Webb (right) and its influence both on radio detectives as well as the printed word continues to be felt. I’ll provide examples of what makes a story a police procedural. Next week I’ll continue the theme.

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 111 – The Shadow

The Shadow MagazineA look at my final entry into radio detectives born out of the pulp magazines. The Shadow was in some ways not a detective as much as a crime fighter (there is a difference), but some of the episodes did bear some aspects where Lamont Cranston did do some detective work to help come to the resolution. This episode is one of those.

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 110 – Flashgun Casey

Black Mask MagazineContinuing a look at radio detectives who had their beginnings in the pulps, this week a look at Jack “Flash” Casey created by George Harmon Coxe and born from the pages of Black Mask Magazine. Jack Casey came to radio first as “Flashgun” Casey, then Casey, Crime Photographer.

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 109 – Nick Carter, Master Detective

Nick Carter PublicationThis week begins a short series on radio detectives who come from the pulps. This includes pulps such as the early publications like the one on the right and Black Mask Magazine. I’ll start with one of the earliest pulp detectives who appeared on radio, Nick Carter. A look at the history of these pulps, some of the early detectives, and an early Nick Carter, Master Detective episode from 1943.

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 108 – Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Anthony BoucherFrom John Dickson Carr to Ellery Queen, we now move to the last of our look at the scientific detectives on radio – the master himself, Sherlock Holmes, as written by Anthony Boucher (right) and Denis Green. I’ll do a little comparing to the Edith Meiser version of Holmes too.

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 107 – Adventures of Ellery Queen

Hugh MarloweContinuing the examination of the detectives using the deductive process, a look at the authors Fred Dannay and Manfred Lee, aka Ellery Queen and their famous detective. We’ll follow their connection to last week’s author John Dickson Carr and hear an episode that while not from the first year (the hour long series) reflects the hour long series since the originals are lost to time. This is from The Ford Theatre and stars the original Ellery Queen Hugh Marlowe (right).

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