Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 127 – The White Rose Murders

Cornell WoolrichThis week, I begin looking at the noirish radio dramas based on the stories of Cornell Woolrich. First off is The White Rose Murders from the radio series Suspense. It is based on a story by Woolrich called The Death Rose and is one of the best examples of a taut noir radio drama.

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Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 126 – The Lost Special

Orson WellesA year and a half ago, I featured a radio version of Arthur Conan Doyle’s short story, “The Lost Special” which aired over Escape in 1949. At that time, the Suspense version starring Orson Welles was considered lost. Recently, the audio for that 1943 Suspense version has surfaced thanks to Randy Riddle.

And so, I am taking another look at this version of the story, which is much closer to the original short story. I have mixed feelings about the adaptation as you will hear.

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Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 125 – Criminal At Large

Edgar WallaceFrom the fecund mind of mystery/thriller writer, Edgar Wallace, best known as the first screenwriter of the film King Kong. His better known mystery series include the J.G. Reeder and Green Archer series. Wallace’s stories were so well accepted over 160 films were made from them. This week I’ll look at Wallace and the radio play “Criminal At Large” from the Molle’ Mystery Theatre from April 1944. The radio play was based upon a stage play and film called The Frightened Lady.

Music under is Deep Purple played by Art Tatum.

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 124 – Mask of Dimitrios

Eric AmblerEric Ambler is mostly known as a writer of spy related novels. Mask of Dimitrios (published in the U.S. as A Coffin for Dimitrios) is about a writer of detective stories who bargains for more than he can handle as he researches the mysterious Dimitrios. He is pulled farther and farther into a web of deceit. The book was made into a film and the film into a radio play as presented on the Screen Guild Theatre in 1945.

A look at the story and Ambler.

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Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 123 – The Cave of Ali Baba

Dorothy L. SayersFrom the pen of Dorothy L. Sayers, a different kind of detective story involving her detective, Lord Peter Wimsey. “The Cave of Ali Baba” was heard over Suspense in 1942 based on her original short story “The Adventurous Exploits of the Cave of Ali Baba” published in 1928.

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Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 122 – Campbell Playhouse: Who Murdered Roger Ackroyd

Agatha ChristieOne of Agatha Christie’s most successful stories with her Belgian detective Hercule Poirot was in itself controversial and a number of books have been written about the detective story. Her fellow writers at the time felt she had crossed the line in their “rules of the game” when creating a tidy cozy mystery. I’ll look briefly at the controversy and you’ll hear Orson Welles disappointing creation of her Belgian detective in the Mercury Theater’s production of this well-known detective story.

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 121 – Leslie White: Molle Mystery Theater

Molle Shaving CreamI’m back for a brief visit to one of the “lost in time” detective writers – Leslie T. White, an early 20th century forensics detective for the Los Angeles District Attorney. White turned to detective story writing influencing among others – Raymond Chandler. One of his stories was adapted for the Molle Mystery Theater in 1946 and is presented here.

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 120 – Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Arthur Conan DoyleMerry Christmas!  This will unfortunately have to be my last podcast for some time. Not sure how long I will be away, but stay subscribed. I am returning to the master of detective writers and a creator of one of radio’s favorite detectives – Conan Doyle and his Sherlock Holmes. This episode is from the mind of Denis Greene and Anthony Boucher and is not part of the Holmes canon. A nice little Christmas story!

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 119 – I Love Adventure

Carlton E. MorseAnother Carlton Morse adventure starring the A-1 Detective team of Jack and Doc. This episode has elements of the true detective genre some of which is straight out of the style of Hammett and Chandler.

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 118 – I Love A Mystery Pt. 2

Carlton E. MorseThe further adventures of Jack, Doc and Jeri Booker continue in “The Pirate Loot of the Island of Skulls.” Two more episodes this week plus snippets of interviews with Carlton E. Morse and Russell Thorson. The storyline unfortunately is not complete in audio format, so I’ll try to give some summaries between various episodes to give wholeness to the complete story.

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