Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 224 – Suspense: A Murderous Revision

Howard DuffWhen Howard Duff was blacklisted briefly in the early fifties his series, The Adventures of Sam Spade was dropped by the Columbia Broadcasting System. At that time, he had already recorded an episode for Suspense called “A Murderous Revision.” But fearing repercussions CBS decided to shelve the completed recording and broadcast another episode instead. The episode with Duff was never broadcast, though a newly re-created version of the script was aired starring Richard Widmark in the role of Chris Turner in December of 1951. The Duff version was thought lost until it turned up via an Armed Forces Radio disc a few years ago. Though in circulation, it rarely is heard since it isn’t officially attached to the Suspense broadcast canon.

Music under is “Benny Rides Again” performed by Benny Goodman Quintet.

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  1. Cameron Estep says:

    Dear Jim
    I have a new suggestion for a podcast on radio detective story hour. Cornell Woolrich aka William Irish wrote a short story not well-known to readers called Papa Benjamin aka Dark Melody of Madness. It is a creepy and suspenseful tale of a bandleader in New Orleans who uses a voodoo chant for a new musical number at a nightclub. After it’s played strange things begin to happen to him. The story was presented on the CBS adventure series Escape in 1948. It starred famous radio film character actor Frank Lovejoy as Eddie Bloch, his wife Joan Banks as Julie, and Luis Van Rooten as Papa Benjamin. The episode is pretty faithful to the original story plus there’s great jazz music played throughout the episode especially the voodoo chant is creepy. Lovejoy is great as the doomed bandleader. I hope you like this idea and can feature it on radio detective story hour sometime. Please send reply as soon as possible.

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