Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 223 – Will You Make a Bet with Death?

John Dickson Carr A look at one of radio finest radio dramatists for the Mystery genre – expert in locked room mysteries. Born in America, but spent a lifetime in the United Kingdom, Carr wrote scripts for the Suspense radio program including this one which features an ending with a twist. This episode stars Michael Fitzmaurice and Lesley Woods, who you will recognize as Mary Wesley in the Boston Black radio series.

Music under is Ruby performed by Yorgui Loeffler.

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  1. Harv says:

    Hi, Jim.. there’s a badly flubbed line in the script, almost exactly fifteen minutes into the podcast (not fifteen minutes into the show).. either the actor playing the rich Destry character flubbed it, or the script proofreader was asleep at the wheel.. Destry, speaking to Robert, opens a desk drawer, and says “Look at this, Robert.. twenty five thousand dollars, in five one hubdred dollar bils.”.. well, five one hubdred dollar bills would be $500.00, not $25,000.00.. in order to make sense, what Destry should have said was “Look at this, Robert.. five hundred, hundred dollar bills” ($25,000), OR twenty five thousand dollars bills ($25,000).. back when this show was broadcast, the Federal Reserve Bank was decades away from pulling all thousand (and five hundred) dollars bills out of circulation.. usually, the producers and actors of / in Suspense were scrupulously precise, and it was very very rare to hear a mistake like that. Like I said, I don’t know if the actor playing Destry mis-read the script, or if the script from which he was reading wasn’t properly proofed, but that flub jumped out at me and I had to play it over a couple of times to be sure I did hear that mistake.. otherwise, a good episode..

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