Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 220 – No Man of Her Own

Barbara Stanwyck A look at the roman noir or black fiction adapted for radio. Specifically, the Cornell Woolrich wrote a number of short stories he later expanded into novels; a move for the better with much improved storylines. In 1946, he wrote “They Call Me Patrice” which he expanded into his last great novel in 1948 under the title I Married A Dead Man. It was then made into a film in the early fifties starring Barbara Stanwyck and called “No Man of Her Own.”

It is a fine example of Woolrich’s roman noir. I’ll also touch briefly on other roman noir authors including James M. Cain, Horace McCoy, David Goodis and others.

Music under is Chet Baker performing “Tenderly.”

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  1. Cameron Estep says:

    I read Cain’s The Postman Always Rings Twice and Double Indemnity while I thought they had a gritty and tough feeling in those novellas they do have a sense of tragic and cold menace hanging in the air the characters live in. I’ve been collecting some of Woolrich’s novels and stories especially the ones from what are referred to as the “Black” series. I was wondering if you could do a podcast on the John Dickson Carr novel “the 9 Wrong Answers” published in 1952. It tells of a young Englishman who is approached by another Englishman to switch identities and go visit a sadistic and wealthy uncle from then on the uncle makes a bet with his nephew that if he survives his uncle’s attempts to try and kill him he will inherit a large fortune. In 1942, Carr wrote a radio play for Suspense called “Will You Make a Bet With Death?” The script has similar elements from the book but changed the setting and the ending. It features Michael Fitzmaurice as Robert Penderel and Nicholas Joy as John Destry. In the book there is a subtle reference to the classic BBC series Appointment with Fear and the Man in Black. Anyway I hope this might make a interesting idea for a podcast on Radio Detective Story Hour.

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