Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 216 – Meridian 7-1212

Irving Reis Something a little different this time from the Radio Detective Story Hour. While this drama involves crime and deception, it is more about the excellent drama it presents. The story is one in which in the late thirties Americans were connected to each other through the “wired” device of the telephone. With the coming of radio, listeners shared a collective experience via a wireless device. Despite this radical change from wired to wireless, time still plays an important element in how we experience even though then we all experienced it simultaneously. Today, as a society we are no longer bound by time each experiencing films, news and so on within our own time given devices such as TiVo and Tablets, Computers, etc.

The drama was written in the late thirties by Irving Reis and speaks to the collective experience at that time. Tension and suspense builds around the constant intrusion of the time keepers.

Music under is “Old Folks” performed by the Ron Helman Jazz Ensemble.

3 Responses to Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 216 – Meridian 7-1212

  1. Harv says:

    Hi, Jim..

    You ran this wonderful Columbia Workshop program in your much-missed “Adventures in Radio” podcast back in 2006.. it was AIR #75.. I knew it sounded familiar, because I have ALL of your AIR and RDSH podcasts / shows on an iPod “classic” I keep bedside, connected to a killer Altec Lansing sound system and have tagged all of your shows and about 1400 other OTR shows / series as “Old Time Radio”, so I can select that genre on the iPod, put it in random shuffle mode, and let it quietly play all night (I can’t sleep in total silence).. anyway, I had just listened to it the other night, so I was pleasantly surprised to see / hear it show up again on RDSH..


  2. jwidner says:

    Yes, indeed. Was going through those old podcasts and decided to give a new slant to this excellent piece of radio. Glad to know you noticed.

  3. Gail says:

    Hi Jim,
    I still am in love with your podcast, but this one was creepy. Not at all what I expected..loved it!
    Thanks again for giving me something to do besides sleep at keep up the great work.

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