Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 213 – Radio City Playhouse

Charles Lee Hutchings, scriptwriter A very powerful moral tale reminiscent of our society even today. The place is the room of the Night Editor of a tabloid newspaper as we meet young Dr. Lundgren and what has happened to his career due to a piece in the newspaper. I found this to be very engrossing and surprisingly violent for the period of production – 1949. Written by an advertising executive, Charles Lee Hutchings, this riveting story is one for our own time.

Music under is “Chelsea Bridge” by Billy Strayhorn and Duke Ellington and performed by Gerry Mulligan and Ben Webster.

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  1. Harv says:

    Hi, Jim.. geezee Louise, you weren’t kidding when you said this show was surprisingly violent for its time.. I was totally engrossed from the opening to the astonishing, and completely.. well maybe not completely, surprising ending. What a powerful piece of audio drama this one is.. absolutely riveting.. you nailed it.. I’m also sorry to hear (from your intro).. that this will be your last podcast posting for a while, but I understand your situation.. I have ’em all stored on three computers’ hard drives and a USB thumb drive, along with every
    episode of your much-missed “Adventures in Radio” podcast, which I hope you’ll bring back some day..

    Kindest Regards..

  2. Neil says:

    It is a fabulous episode. One of the plays I often think of when people refer to old time radio as naive or dramatically simplistic. Thanks for all the detail in your introduction — and mentioning my book!

  3. jwidner says:

    Thanks Harv and Neil.

    Neil, your book is well worth the read: Theater of the Mind: Imagination, Aesthetics, and American Radio Drama, Neil Verma, University of Chicago Press, 2012.

  4. Bob B. says:

    Night Editor Episod 213

    What a powerful piece of audio drama this was. I was absolutely engrossed with this radio play .. As you pointed out at the begining this was a violent play and ahead of it’s time and so relevant at this Period in our history aswell.

    Sorry to see that it maybe awhile before we hear from your podcast again. Have a great christmas and I’m sure many of us hope to hear from you soon …

    Best wishes Bob.B.

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