Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 212 – The Crime Club

Vera Kelsey Though there are some who think the Eno Crime Club from 1931 is related, there is no connection between the Doubleday Crime Club imprint and that radio program. In 1946, the Mutual Broadcasting Company purchased a radio package from Doubleday given them permission to adapt certain Crime Club imprint books for radio drama and to use its name for new dramas not based on the books.

In 1947, one of the book selections – Vera Kelsey’s (pictured at right) Fear Came First was adapted into a half hour episode. Though rather compressed, the story is a good detective yarn featuring one Sheriff LaRue investigating two murders.

Music under is Prisoner of Love performed by Art Tatum.

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  1. Chris Ross says:

    I first started following Radio Detective Story Hour in 2007. Finding TV offerings to be sub-optimal, my wife and I became fans of old radio, where everyone involved seemed to understand the inestimable value of a good story well told. Jim’s narration prefacing each episode and the smooth jazz soundtrack became our nightly call to relaxation and escape. I still look forward with great anticipation to each new episode. Thanks Jim!

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