Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 206 – Fifty Candles

earl_derr_biggersThough he is known for his Charlie Chan mysteries, Biggers was a prolific writer of other mystery stories, several of which were based in Hawaii and/or San Francisco.

This time a look at one of his shorter novels involving Detective Sergeant Barnes of the San Francisco police department. This is a classic whodunit with a number of suspects. Biggers often wrote in a realist style and with a prominent minority such as Charlie Chan. This novel features a Chinese servant though the detective, unlike Chan, are Anglo. The adaptation could have been written by Ken Crossen, though we don’t know for sure.

Music under is Stardust performed by John Coltrane

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  1. albie says:

    Not really a fan of the radio versions of Charlie Chan,some of the movies are still entertaining,those without No1,No2 or No 3 son or the daughters how a clever man can have such dumb children is beyond me ,what’s always got me is the authors name,Earl Derr Biggers,to me it’s a strange wonderful name.

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