Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 205 – Homicide for Hannah

Dwight V. BabcockOne of Black Mask magazine’s popular writers from 1934-1939 was Dwight V. Babcock.  His stories were in keeping with the style developed by Joseph “Cap” Shaw of “hard and brittle” stories with naturalistic elements of street grit.  After his stint with Black Mask, Babcock wrote three novels involving “The Gorgeous Ghoul” Hannah Van Doren, who with her friend Joe Kirby set out to solve three crimes over three novels. Known to police and others as “Homicide Hannah” with her taste for murder and mayhem in keeping with her being a writer for the fictitious True Crime Cases magazine, Hannah was a knockout rivaling the likes of Candy Matson.  This time you’ll hear an adaptation of one of Babcock’s novels: Homicide for Hannah over the Molle’ Mystery Theatre.

Music under is Chet Baker performing “Almost Blue”

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    Hi,I don’t know if it’s me but I can’t get the complete file

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    I was able to successfully download it so there must be a problem with what you are doing. If you let me know more detail, I might be better able to help you troubleshoot. Right click on “Download” and save it to your hard drive.

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