Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 99 – The Big Story

Ernest ChappellThe reporter as investigator! This series was based upon real-life incidents in which a newspaper reporter played an important part in solving a crime. The reporter was presented with the Pall Mall Award at the end of the show. These reporters showed the best side of their investigative skills – something shared by the radio detectives featured in this podcast series. The series began in April 1947 sponsored by the American Tobacco Company, which made Lucky Strike and Pall Mall Cigarettes. While the series was anthologized with no single starring actor, it did feature a regular announcer – Ernest Chappell (right) who would later be heard on the Wyllis Cooper series, Quiet, Please.

The idea developed from an article written in Newsweek and read by producer Bernard Prockter. He envisioned a program in which real stories would be dramatized and star an actor portraying the reporter who helped solve the crime he was reporting. It would follow a more real approach, though truncated, on the reporter looking at bits and pieces of evidence from the crime and doing some investigative reporting and ultimately coming up with some fact that helps break the case or solves it.

2 Responses to Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 99 – The Big Story

  1. Charles Holes says:

    Your podcast is great. I look forward to each episode.

    Can you tell me the title and performer of the intro music. I appreciate it.

  2. site admin says:

    The intro music that I play each week is a very short clip from the soundtrack of the film Taxi Driver starring Robert De Niro. The soundtrack and that piece was written by Bernard Herrmann.

    Thanks for listening.

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