Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 184 – The Bishop & the Gargoyle

Richard Gordon This podcast features a radio detective series that I will admit is in my opinion a stinker. I have only been able to hear one episode (none others exist), but to round out the radio detective genre, I felt I should feature it nonetheless. Some of you may like it, but I found it definitely an example of very early and bad radio drama. Hopefully, you are curious enough to give it a try!

Music under is the incomparable Nina Simone singing her version of “Love Me or Leave Me.”

3 Responses to Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 184 – The Bishop & the Gargoyle

  1. Allan Murphy says:

    You were right – it was a wooden show, but historically interesting. During your preamble, I was trying to think of the “worst” show I’ve heard. “Tales of Fatima” (Basil Rathbone, 1949) quickly came to mind. Thanks for your commitment to OTR. Allan

  2. jay says:

    Hey there,

    I have listened to this episode bishop & the gargoyle #184

    I myself enjoyed it.

    It has wholesome qualities.

    TV now a days has almost all questionable quality.

    I can think of only a handful, of course not knowing them all

    violence as common place pretty much.

    your words do not discourage me.

    I can discourage myself much better in any event.

    Murder she wrote, has charm, simplicity and very little violence shown.

    the past has it Merritt at least for me

    check out the 2000 BBC Sherlock Holmes starting Ian ??

    until later


  3. jwidner says:

    Thanks, Jay. Perhaps your mention of Sherlock Holmes was a reference to Ian Richardson, who played Holmes in 1983 on television. That is the only “Ian” that comes to mind in that role.

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