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I am trying out some new designs for this blog site. So it may change as time goes on and if I am not satisfied, it will go back to the way it was. Comments are welcomed.

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  1. Pam says:

    What fun! This is a nice, strong look and the brown suggests vintage but with a modern twist. I look forward to seeing if you try other design ideas.

    I’ve been enjoying your site for a few months now and appreciate the time and effort that you put into it. It is always a pleasure listening to your commentary. It gives a great framework to the shows and introduces me to some I may not have listened to otherwise.

  2. Jack says:

    I like the look. Very polished. Got Laura from Netflix – stimulated by your last podcast. Both were good, thanks. Best wishes for a Happy Holiday and time to give us all another great podcast!


  3. Chris says:

    Another thumbs up from me, Jim.

    So many website “improvements” seem to involve adding superfluous Flash and social network gizmos which just slow down the page load.
    This is a genuine improvement to the look of the site.

    Chris in London

    PS And the shows and commentaries are as good as ever!

  4. Robert says:

    Well done jim
    I like the look aswell it gives it an older feel and adds to the image that the podcast creates and Iagree with what Cris says with regard to website improvements. I love the podcast and have done for many years thanks Jim all the good work and have a good Christmas!

    Bob in Sweden

  5. jay briggs says:

    Jim, congratulations on creating such a terrific site. It is truly a joy to listen to the old time shows when life was quite different. As a medium I enjoy radio much more than T.V. It’s because I can just sit back and enjoy the theatre of the mind. Your appreciation of the nostalgic genre has produced a work of art. Again, thank you for your tireless effort to bring us such a wonderful collection of radio shows.

  6. jay briggs says:

    Jim, I didn’t realize you ran “OTR” as well as this site! Wow, that has got to keep you busy. As far any recommendations are concerned “so far, so good”. I just like to turn it on and have it work, that keeps me happy as well as the content.

    Also, I looked up “Boston Blackie” and found you started with episode 46 or something way along the series. I guess you can’t log all the shows but it would be great if you offered a larger selection. Just a thought.
    Best regards,

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