Raymond Chandler on BBC is Back!

Raymond Chandler on BBC Raymond Chandler is back with a new drama of The Long Goodbye which will be heard over BBC  Radio 4 beginning on Saturday, October 1st at 14:30 GMT or 19:30 EST. This is a new play, so be sure  not to miss it. It stars Toby Stephens in an excellent adaptation. You can find it HERE.

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  1. Phil White says:

    You are the gold standard in this type of podcast. I have been listening to your delivery for years and look forward to it weekly. I am a blinded Veteran (Vietnam) and do all of my reading via talking books, Podcast, ect. Thanks for the effort you put into you pod casts. Can you tell me how I can download all of your pod casts onto my I tune account I wold like to relisen to your earlyier work

    Phil Whie

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