Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 179 – The Crowd (Suspense)

Dana Andrews

Dana Andrews

This podcast takes a story from a well known Science Fiction writer – a fantasy horror story – which has been adapted by two veteran radio detective scriptwriters. The result is to take Ray Bradbury’s horror story and have Mort Fine and David Friedkin turn it into a detective thriller. Unusual perhaps, but it seems to hold up well.

The story and radio play heard on Suspense is called “The Crowd” and appeared originally in Weird Tales pulp magazine in 1943. It is well adapted though Andrews is a little weak in the role of the detective.

Music under are two songs written by Billy Strayhorn and Duke Ellington. The first is called “Day Dream” and is performed by Sonny Criss. The second is “Solitude” and is performed by Stephane Grappelli. Both are from the Jazz Round Midnight compilation.

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  1. Tom says:

    One of my top 3 favorite authors, Bradbury is too versatile to squeeze into a single classification. Sci Fi, fantasy, horror etc., all correct and all too narrow. This version of The Crowd works well, a decent reworking of the concept. I love the actors shouting in background!

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