Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 173 – Two Men In a Furnished Room

John Beal

John Beal

This week a rare story from the pen of William Irish, aka Cornell Woolrich, that as a radio drama is pure audio noir. The series on which it appeared was the Moll√© Mystery Theater in 1946 starring John Beal (right) and Sam Wanamaker. It is an example of what biographer Francis Nevins calls Wollrich’s oscillation thriller. All the elements of noir are heard in the story as the suspense builds on who is the killer after a murder appears to be committed when a girl goes missing. Classic Woolrich!

The music under is Blood Count written by Billy Strayhorn and performed by Stan Getz.

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  1. CEL says:

    As an old lady who grew up on radio, I just want to thank you for making this archive of my fav genre available. Compared to the TV generation, we lived in our imaginations, ie our creative faculties. In my case, started writing poetry in elementary school. Ultimately, enabled me to work for 30 years as an economist, having never taken an econ course. But unlike those who had, I could write coherently and logically. Thank you again for all your effort and devotion to OTR.

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