Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 171 – Philip Marlowe

Raymond Chandler

Raymond Chandler

A more indepth look at Raymond Chandler’s iconic private detective, Philip Marlowe. Rising from the pulps of miscellaneous detectives, Chandler hewed his image of his private detective into a Knight Errant, who remained tough, but intelligent. The author’s writings adapted very well to radio as in this radio drama, “The Persian Slippers.”

Music under is Night Town from Joni Janak’s album, The Wind.


2 Responses to Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 171 – Philip Marlowe

  1. Jack Gibble says:

    Jim- I have wanted to write for a while now and tell you again how much I appreciate your website. I am up to Aug 2008 in listening. I know from some production work that I have done how much time you put into this and I know it can seem endless when you are not sure if anyone is listening. I am. I also appreciated your BBC alert in Jan. I listened to all but the last one – I tried to download it but…not hotlinked.

    Anyhow THANKS again. I hope to meet you at the Nostalgia Convention this fall.


  2. MarkB says:

    Nice commentary. I just listened to that episode a week ago – great stuff.

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