Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 170 – Suspense: Nightmare

Eddie Bracken

Eddie Bracken

This episode presents what I think is one of the best audio noir productions ever produced. Adapted from the Cornell Woolrich (as William Irish) short story – “And So to Death” – it is one of Woolrich’s best – pure noir. The adaptation preserves much of that aurally through the fabulous performances of Eddie Bracken and veteran radio actor William Conrad. Under the direction of Anton M. Leader and adapted by Alfred Palker, it oozes with noirish detail. From March 13, 1948.


3 Responses to Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 170 – Suspense: Nightmare

  1. Gypsy says:

    Just found your blog. YAY!!! I am a huge OTR fan & look fwd to hearing your offerings. Thank-You so very much for your work, and your gifts to us all.


  2. Harv says:

    Jim.. this is an absolutely stunning, mind-boggling episode of “Suspense”.. I listened to it late last night.. (I’ve downloaded ALL your RDSH .mp3s, and have them all on two different computers and an iPod 😉 ..

    I like to play them in random shuffle order, rather than chronological (as you posted them) order..

    Thanks so much for the work you put into RDSH, and especially your intros and outtros, and how you so intelligently explain how the shows and individual episodes came to be.. the writers, the actors, the sound effects.. you really give the OTR fan the royal treatment, like no one else I’ve ever heard.. your vast knowledge of OTR is remarkable!..

    In this show, the production values, and the acting are superb.. Woolrich’s story is a mastepiece, and I don’t think this one would’ve been done justice as a half-hour episode..

    Eddie Bracken really conveys his sense of dread, and confusion, as he tries to convince Conrad, and others, that what happened in his nightmare was real.. he’s also at the peak of his game as the lead actor..

    This is of my all-time favorites.. some of the one-hour “Suspense” shows didn’t deserve the one-hour treatment.. this one definitely did..

    In my opinion, no matter what role he played, William Conrad could do no wrong.. he is one of what I’d name the top three radio voice actors of all time.. the other two being Orson Welles, and Paul Frees.. but don’t ask me to rank them in order.. I couldn’t do it..

    By the way, as you probably know, Paul Frees (who isn’t in this episode), is the voice / narrator, in MANY current and past Disneyland attractions, especially The Haunted Mansion.. but I digress..

    Thanks again..

  3. jwidner says:

    Thanks Harv, there are still Suspense episodes I haven’t listened to yet despite having most of them since the late 70s and occasionally, I find one such as this one that, like you blows me away. This is certainly one in which I fully agree.

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