Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 163 – Police Blotter

Bill ZuckertThis podcast – a look at the police procedural Police Blotter. The series was little known and only two copies exist. It wasn’t a very good series and definitely not a procedural along the lines of Dragnet from which it was probably created to copy. It starred character actor Bill Zuckert who is heard over many radio dramas in the fifties, but who never really handled a starring role well. He was just too typecast with his husky, tough guy sounding voice.

Music under is November Moon sung by Lindsay Wynn.

2 Responses to Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 163 – Police Blotter

  1. Kymm Zuckert says:

    That’s my father, Bill Zuckert! I’m looking forward to hearing this show, as I only ever heard of it, never heard an episode.

  2. jwidner says:

    Thanks for the comment, Kymm. I had an opportunity to meet your father once when he was probably in his seventies, this would have been sometime in the early 90s at a Radio Nostalgia convention. I recall him as a rather big (as in tall) man, though I am only 5’7″ myself, so everyone is tall! I always liked his somewhat husky voice. He often played heavies because of it, I felt, such as Irish cops, or bad guys. Police Blotter was a different character venue for him.

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