Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 159 – Hot Copy Revisited

Fern Persons

Fern Persons

A revisit to the early forties female detective series Hot Copy which premiered in October 1941 and carried through the war years until November 1944. With the initial lead of Anne Rogers, columnist and detective, starring Fern Persons, a Chicago area radio actress. The series featured mostly crimes committed that seem to have a war theme including black market sales of Silk Stockings, Nazi spies and the standard robbers and felons. Later scripter featured the well-known Science Fiction writer, Nelson Bond, who wrote mostly the 1944 series.

Music under is Cotton Tail played by Andre Previn Trio.

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  1. Tom says:

    A classic WW II period piece that deals in black market nylons, Irish cops and a modern woman who still has her feet firmly rooted in the morals of the day. Not a great show, average script, average acting but worth a listen for a glimpse into a very different world.

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