Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 157 – Appointment With Fear

Valentine Dyall - Man in Black

Valentine Dyall

This week, a Suspense clone suggested by and scripted by John Dickson Carr, who was also the creator of the Man In Black on Suspense. Appointment With Fear was JD Carr’s bringing of Suspense to the British public in the mid-1940s. Their Man in Black looked and sounded the part – Valentine Dyall, a man with a sonorous voice.

This episode is a Dr. Gideon Fell mystery. Fell was one of Carr’s creations – a detective who was both pompous and portly and the actor in this episode certainly fits the description aurally!  This is an episode called “The Clock Strikes Eight.”

4 Responses to Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 157 – Appointment With Fear

  1. Ed Morykwas says:

    Recently I became aware of the work of John Dixon Carr, a mystery writer who created several remarkable episodes of “Suspense” and other classic old time radio shows. He was a master of vivid description, riveting dialogue, and intricate plot twists. If you’ve never heard of him, this episode– “The Clock Strikes Eight” — is an excellent place to start.

  2. jwidner says:

    Definitely know his work well. I also recommend his biography by Douglass Green, though hard to find. If you search the Radio Detective pages for John Dickson Carr, you will find a lot of episodes in which I mention him.

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. thank you, great shows.

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