Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 149 – On Stage

Elliott Lewis

Elliott Lewis

Something a little different this week but still within the crime genre. In 1953, Cathy & Elliott Lewis created a radio vehicle called On Stage. They would portray equally strong male and female roles within the genre of comedy, classical and suspense. Some were particularly hard hitting as the scripts came from the cream of the radio writing crop. This episode is called “Eddie” and is a psychological thriller of sorts about the gradual devolution of a man who thinks he is in love with a woman he just met resulting in tragic consequences. It is well written, well performed and still makes me shudder when I hear it.

Music under is “Autumn in New York” performed by Chet Baker

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  1. Tom says:

    This should be considered a lost classic. Eddie is one of most effective, creepiest radio dramas I have ever heard. Cathy and Elliot Lewis are fantastic and work off a great script.

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