Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 148 – Sherlock Holmes

Anthony Boucher

Anthony Boucher

This podcast I return to one of the most famous detectives in fiction, Sherlock Holmes. I wanted to have a look not so much for the great detective as much as the Anthony Boucher – Denis Green years. It was during their run that with the blessing of estate of Conan Doyle, the stories were originals beyond the Holmesian canon. I look at one episode and some of the issues they faced in trying to stay true to the story, yet trying to make the episodes their own. Boucher especially, a member of one of the many Sherlockian fan groups, acted as guardian of the canon as he created stories of his own. You’ll hear “The Adventure of the Paradol Chamber” an interesting one because it combined Boucher’s interest in Holmes and Science Fiction.

Music under is “My Ideal” performed by the Art Tatum Group

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