Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 146 – “The Fallen Sparrow”

Dorothy B. Hughes

Dorothy Hughes

The last adaptation of my look at Dorothy B. Hughes, mystery writer from the forties. This radio adaptation is based on the film “The Fallen Sparrow” starring John Garfield. The adaptation is from the Lux Radio Theater. Not as good as the previous podcast, but it gives another look into the types of characters and situations, this writer created.

This version stars Robert Young as Kit.

Music under is by Jazz At the Movies.

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  1. Cameron Estep says:

    Dear Jim
    I hope you’ve been doing well and had a happy Christmas last month. I have an idea for a podcast on Radio Detective Story Hour. In July of 2010, you did a two-part podcast on the American mystery writer Dorothy B. Hughes whose best known works include In a Lonely Place and Ride the Pink Horse (both of which were turned into films.) In 1940 Hughes published a mystery novel called The Cross-Eyed Bear Murders. It tells of a young woman who answers an ad in the papers that requires a beautiful girl whose not afraid of danger. She is asked by her employer to locate one of the sons of a wealthy eccentric old man who left behind him a check for three million dollars believing they would kill each other for their shares. When she begins her new assignment she hunts through the bustling streets of New York and trying to come out of the assignment alive as one of the other sons is more ruthless and is determined to kill to gain full control of the estate. The novel was used for a radio play on Suspense in September 16, 1943 starring Virginia Bruce as Lizanne Stephasson and John Loder as Bill Folker. Because the program was a half-hour show some details and certain characters were cut out from the radio version but kept fairly close to the basic plot of the story. Inspector Tobin who appeared in the radio version of Hughes’ The Fallen Sparrow appeared also in this story and is heard in the Suspense version in a later scene. I hope you could use this idea and put it up on your website. I finished reading the original novel and it was a good read of murder, intrigue, greed, hate, and suspense. Please send reply as soon as possible.

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