Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 145 – “In a Lonely Place”

Robert Montgomery

Robert Montgomery

The start of a two podcast look at somewhat forgotten pioneer of the psychological thriller – Dorothy B. Hughes. Hughes was a mystery writer from the forties into the fifties and beyond, but her peak power was in the late forties. In a Lonely Place was one of her best novels – a psychological murder mystery inside the mind of the possible killer. She pre-dated better known writers such as Jim Thompson, whose The Killer Inside Me is well recognized. Hughes was a superb writer and this Suspense adaptation starring Robert Montgomery was written by Irving Ravetch, who is known for creating the screenplays The Long Hot Summer, Hud, Hombre, and Norma Rae. This episode is one hour long.

Music under is “I Only Have Eyes For You” performed by Andre Previn Trio.

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