Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 89 – Nero Wolfe III

Larry DobkinThe third of a four part look at the Archie Goodwin character and the actors who portrayed him on radio. We’re now into the third series run of this radio detective – The New Adventures of Nero Wolfe. This run starred Sidney Greenstreet as the corpulent Wolfe. But the one year run of this series had no less than six actors portraying the detective’s important sidekick – Archie Goodwin!

This week, you’ll hear four of the six through clips with the fourth appearing in a complete episode – Larry Dobkin (right) was one of the longer Archie Goodwin’s during this run.

2 Responses to Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 89 – Nero Wolfe III

  1. Mike James says:

    Hi Jim,

    I just listened to your Radio Detective Hour #106. Great show — thank you for putting it together. Question: Can you tell me the name of the trumpet quartet and the tune that was played under your show commentary? I’d like to find the album if you can steer me where to look.


    Mike James

  2. site admin says:

    Hi Mike,
    That is Chet Baker doing “Autumn in New York” from his “Chet for Lovers” album. Great album if you enjoy cool jazz.

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