Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 29 – Jeff Regan, Investigator

Jack Webb as Jeff ReganJeff Regan, Investigator saw its birth in July 1948 on CBS. The aural gimmick in the opening was that Regan worked for an international investigation firm run by Anthony J. Lyon. The series proclaimed him “The Lion’s Eye.” The owner, Anthony J. Lyon, played by Wilms Herbert with a voice sounding like a rather large man, would send his prime investigator into environments reminiscent of a film noir. Webb portrayed his character in a very hardboiled fashion who often found himself getting beat up or captured before he would ultimately bring the crimes to a conclusion.

1 Responses to Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 29 – Jeff Regan, Investigator

  1. Jos says:

    First of all, thanks for the podcasts, they are very interesting!
    A question for you as a historian/expert; Is it normal for these detective shows to ‘share’ stories/episodes? After listening to this podcast I remembered a Johnny Dollar episode with the exact same story, and I have these deja-vous with other shows as well…

    Jos (Holland)

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