Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 24 – True Detective Mysteries

True Detective MagazineBesides all the fictional private eye radio serials over the years, there were also dramatic series devoted to the real thing. Series such as Gang Busters and Dragnet focused on the lives of the cop. In 1929, there was a radio series that began over CBS that was based on one of the bigger pulp magazines of the day – True Detective Magazine.

The 1929 radio series was sponsored by the magazine and ran as a 30 minute once-a-week serial about real life crimes and the men who solved them. There followed several more runs of the series at different times either sponsored by True Detective Magazine or Listerine and O’Henry candy bar. The story I’ll be playing this week comes from a syndicated version of the radio drama transcribed by a company called TransAmerican for Radio Program Associates. These recordings though from the late thirties, are in excellent condition.

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