Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 134 – Suspense

Warren WilliamThis week’s story looks at the fictional character created by Louis Joseph Vance – The Lone Wolf. In 1914, Vance wrote his first Lone Wolf mystery novel. His leading character was known as Michael Lanyard, but this apparently wasn’t his original name. In the first novel, published in 1914, a young boy is brought to stay with a family who give him the name Marcel Troyon.

In 1943, William Spier brought the first version of Michael Lanyard to radio over the mystery series Suspense in the radio play: Murder Goes For a Swim. The story was written specifically for the radio series though based loosely on the character more as he appeared in the many Lone Wolf films from the beginning of the 1940’s.

Music under is Grover’s Tune by Excellent Adventure.

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