Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 127 – The White Rose Murders

Cornell WoolrichThis week, I begin looking at the noirish radio dramas based on the stories of Cornell Woolrich. First off is The White Rose Murders from the radio series Suspense. It is based on a story by Woolrich called The Death Rose and is one of the best examples of a taut noir radio drama.

Music under is first: Blind Spot by 3rd Man followed by Soothe Me by Shea Breaux Wells.

4 Responses to Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 127 – The White Rose Murders

  1. Michael says:

    Love the podcast! I’ve been listening on a regular basis and was thrilled when I was able to listen while working in Nicaragua. As long as you have an internet connection, you’re never far from home.

    I’ve been wondering what that jazzy/noir sax song is with which you start each show.

    Thanks again.

  2. site admin says:

    Thanks for the comments. Wow! Nicaragua.
    The opening sax tune is a small portion from the theme from the film “Taxi Driver” starring Robert DeNiro. The music was by Bernard Herrmann, who did a lot of music for Alfred Hitchcock and on radio too. The rest of the theme is ok, but that jazzy noirish sax is what I liked.

  3. Mark says:

    I am excited to hear more from Cornell Woolrich. A favorite short story, and one of the best radio adaptations on suspense is “Dime a Dance” which starred Lucille Ball. I hope you will consider making it a part of your series. Thanks for the great shows.

  4. site admin says:

    Mark, actually, “Dime a Dance” is one of my favorite Woolrich/Suspense broadcasts too. I have been considering doing it next when I can get some free time to record a new podcast.

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