Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 126 – The Lost Special

Orson WellesA year and a half ago, I featured a radio version of Arthur Conan Doyle’s short story, “The Lost Special” which aired over Escape in 1949. At that time, the Suspense version starring Orson Welles was considered lost. Recently, the audio for that 1943 Suspense version has surfaced thanks to Randy Riddle.

And so, I am taking another look at this version of the story, which is much closer to the original short story. I have mixed feelings about the adaptation as you will hear.

Background music is Grover’s Tune by Excellent Adventure

1 Responses to Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 126 – The Lost Special

  1. John Farruca says:

    Jim, thanks for all the effort you put into your podcasts. I enjoy listening to the history and background information you provide. I know that the research and srcipt writing must be time consuming. I would be interested in listening to any detective programs that you find especially entertaining, even if they have no “educational/historical” value.

    Thanks again.

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