What happened to the Radio Detective Story Hour

This post is late coming. I wanted to update those who have asked why there have not been any new postings to this blog/audio of the Radio Detective Story Hour. The fact is that I have been working for some time on another love of mine – Science Fiction. I co-wrote in 1996 a book on Science Fiction on Radio for which I had the lesser control. It has been my ambition to update that book for years on my own (my co-author died in 2001). Recently I have ramped up my research efforts and writing to try to get something published within the next year. Thus the focus had turned in that direction and I just haven’t had the time to post to this blog for a while.

I haven’t abandoned Detective/Suspense/Thriller radio from the the past though I have exhausted it nearly without sacrificing my own goals on this area so possibly there will be a new posting down the road. Thanks for all your patience!

2 Responses to What happened to the Radio Detective Story Hour

  1. Bill Ferguson says:

    Stay the course,Jim. Good luck.

  2. jwidner says:

    Thanks Bill

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