Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 266 – The Chase

Actor Lester FletcherBy the early 1950s, radio drama was becoming a thing of the past. Television was the new “it” and advertisers were making money hand over fist in the home visual world. One anthology series on NBC was “The Chase” written mostly by Lawrence Klee.  The producers, music, staff were all in-house NBC, which was a huge cost savings. The musical bridges were the same ones heard in other NBC series of the past.

“The Chase” followed another series from several years previous called “Pursuit.”  Both were themed around a hunter and the hunted, though neither really stuck to that theme.  This episode is a detective story, but one in which one wonders who is the hunted and who is doing the hunting – who is pursuing and who is being pursued. The episode, “Elliott Preston is framed for Murder” is very British in sound and might even originated over there. Both leading actors are British and the story takes place in Europe.

The story-line is actually quite good given the short broadcast time frame to develop. It manages to hold some surprises and twists with a touch of suspense. Told in a first person narrative style from the lead character’s point of view, it does draw you in and is a taut suspenseful drama.

Music under is “All I Need” performed by Over the Rhine

3 Responses to Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 266 – The Chase

  1. Eliezer says:

    Mr. Keane was the tracer of lost PERSONS.

  2. jwidner says:

    Ha ha. I knew that but have forever had a hang up calling it “Lost Souls.” Not sure where I got that but it comes out automatically whenever I am talking about it. Thanks for catching it. I suspect it was my Liberal Arts education where I read about the Acheron aka “River of Lost Souls” where touching it meant a fate worst than death.

  3. Eliezer says:

    Sounds plausible. I too remember The River of Lost Souls.

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