Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 264 – New Adventures of the Thin Man

d_hammett-posterizedPrior to either of the two series I featured over the last two podcasts, one which began as a single fictional story, moved to film, then radio, for the most part maintained the female lead role in pretty much the same fashion of the time. This was the Dashiell Hammett story titled “The Thin Man.” The role of women in forties drama was usually second class and while Nora Charles is bright and intelligent, she defers to her husband, Nicky, who though cocky is a brilliant detective.

The original story first appeared in Redbook Magazine in 1933 in serial form, was published as a novel in 1934 and would be the final novel Hammett would ever write again. Unless one is a follower of Hammett’s bibliography, you might not know that Hammett wrote an original “Thin Man” story in 1930 he never published. It was initially the same “Thin Man” story involving a missing scientist but much darker. No Nora, no Nick. The detective was named John Guild who had what biographer William Nolan calls “the businesslike Agency approach of the Continental Op and the ultra-coolness of Sam Spade.”

Music under is “My One and Only Love” performed by Art Tatum Group.

2 Responses to Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 264 – New Adventures of the Thin Man

  1. Eliezer Pennywhistler says:

    It’s Flitcraft. FLITcraft. That exact name is pretty damned important to the novel.

  2. jwidner says:

    I stand corrected. I prepare a script for my podcast and when I typed it up, I added the “e” by mistake and as I read it, I saw it with the “e” and thus “Flite-craft” came out. But thanks for the correction, nonetheless.

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