Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 258 – Eno Crime Clues

Stewart Sterling Eno Crime Clues is a good example of early radio detective stories from the earliest time of radio programming. Often there were very little or crude sound effects, somewhat thin plotlines and the acting was a bit stilted. These series definitely were not the sophisticated versions of later detectives such as Nick Carter, Nick Charles or Philip Marlowe. I always find them hard to listen to as the pacing is so slow.

But that said, they are still part of the radio history of detectives on radio and I am presenting it here for that reason. This series was after the original Eno Crime Club moved to NBC and the writing was picked up by Stewart Sterling (left), a pseudonym for Prentice Winchell, who also wrote occasionally for the pulps and later published a number of crime detective books. Sterling called this his “Manhunter” series featuring his detective Spencer Dean and his aid Dan Cassidy.

Music under is Annette Hanshaw singing “Say It Isn’t So” and “Body and Soul.”

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