Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 116 – Adventures of the Abbotts

Claudia MorganThe final entry into my look at women radio detectives. This week is an example of the many husband and wife detective teams that appeared on radio. Others included Adventures of the Thin Man, Mr. & Mrs North, It’s a Crime, Mr. Collins and Front Page Farrell. This week’s series used characters from the pen of Frances Crane in which Jean Abbott is a much stronger detective than she was portrayed on radio. Claudia Morgan (right) and Les Damon starred as Jean and Pat Abbott.

2 Responses to Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 116 – Adventures of the Abbotts

  1. Sue says:

    Hi, Jim–have enjoyed your (brief) series on women detectives. The fact that were so few got me wondering where there ANY non-white-male main characters in any detective series other than Charlie Chan. I’ve listened to a lot of OTR detective shows and can’t think of any. Can you? Just curious….

  2. site admin says:

    During classic radio (pre-1962) there was also Mr. Moto, who was more of an adventurer than a detective, but no others of ethnicity that I recall. After my latest run on I Love A Mystery (beginning November 19th), I plan on doing a series on detectives who were connected with mystical elements in their detective solving. Some of these would be non-white, though I am stretching the classic sense of detective more into the realm of crime fighter.

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