Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 114 – Candy Matson

Jack FrenchI begin a new series of podcasts focusing on radio’s “Lady Detectives.” First up is Candy Matson, probably the best of the lady detectives on radio. There are extensive sound bytes from my interview with Jack French (right) who authored Private Eyelashes, a book which looks at radio’s female detectives. Candy Matson was a production for the West Coast coming out of San Francisco beginning in 1949.

Music under is Johnny Mercer singing “Candy.”

1 Responses to Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 114 – Candy Matson

  1. Hi Jim –

    I’m a huge fan of your show, a regular listener almost since its inception.

    This episode really caught my ear — the interview with Jack French was fantastic, and Candy is clearly something special … since I do a San Francisco history themed podcast, I’ve been inspired to create a story about the Candy Matson show (and local radio) from a purely San Francisco angle.

    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks a million for all of your research and writing … and if at all possible, keep ‘em coming!


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