Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 113 – 21st Precinct

Harold StonePart two of a look at the police procedurals of radio drama. While Dragnet was the “daddy” of procedurals, 21st Precinct was probably an example of almost pure procedure. Dragnet had characters listeners could care about. 21st Precinct was much dryer in tone even forsaking opening and closing music and musical bridges to maintain a sense of a documentary style approach. The opening voice was always the desk sergeant mostly portrayed by veteran radio and television actor, Harold Stone (right).

3 Responses to Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 113 – 21st Precinct

  1. Robert Zwissig says:

    I’m not really computer literate so I’m using this form to contact
    you. If possible, please let me know any other websites or
    E-mail addresses you have regarding Radio Detective Story Hour.
    My wife, who knows her way around a computer, downloaded about 80 different episodes that I listen to every night, just like
    when I was a kid back in the ’40s and ’50s.
    My comment-This is the greatest website ever. I’ve always preferred the detective story to the horror or comedy shows.
    Since I was born in San Francisco and still reside here, my favorites are Pat Novak For Hire (don’t you just love the similes) and Candy Matson. Other favorites are the whodunit or solve
    the mystery type (such as Sherlock Holmes) and Nick Carter is
    one of that genre that I like.
    Hope to hear from you.
    Thanks again for the GREATEST WEBSITE EVER.
    Robert Zwissig
    San Francisco

  2. chris robinson says:

    thoroughly enjoying these podcasts.
    Thanks so much for doing them.

  3. Have been enjoying the podcast for the last few months. Great stuff. Thanks for doing these.

    Had never heard 21st Precinct before and was startled by the ending. I suppose I’d forgotten we were listening to a “slice of life”-type program that didn’t necessarily follow the typical narrative trajectory for a drama (w/a climax & resolution). An interesting show.

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