Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 227 – The Adventures of Christopher London

Glenn Ford A little heard series since only 3 episodes exist of actor Glenn Ford starring as detective for hire Christopher London. This was on the air briefly at the height of his popularity in film. The first episode of this short-lived series.

Music under is Nicholas Payton with the theme from the film Chinatown.

3 Responses to Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 227 – The Adventures of Christopher London

  1. Harv says:

    Hi, Jim..
    On the /blog site, after show #225 should have come #226, but there is no #226.. however, if one downloads #227, the file name is 226, and if one downloads the #228 you just posted, it downloads as 227.. they are the correct shows fitting their descriptions, bur your show numbering whatever-you-call-it got out of sync after #225..

    By the way, this very short Glenn Ford show was featured as episode #13 in your “Adventures in Radio” series, which I hope you’ll find the time to put back online and add new shows to it again someday.. I have saved every episode of both RDSH and AiR on three different hard drives, on CD-Rs, and on an iPod..



  2. jwidner says:

    I’ll look into this. I may have somehow missed a number. Thanks.

  3. Cameron Estep says:

    Hi Jim
    How are you?
    Have been listening as usual to your Radio Detective Story Hour. I have an idea for a new podcast. In some of your podcasts in the past you mentioned how Cornell Woolrich wrote stories that hinge on lonely twisted men who seek and kill young women (as in the Death Rose aka the White Rose Murders & The Dancing Detective aka Dime a Dance) others that concern an individual who holds life and death in their hands as well as man’s inhumanity to man. Woolrich wrote a novel called the Bride Wore Black (which was the first in his so-called Black series of novels.) It tells of a mysterious woman named Julie who plans, seeks, and finally kills five men who at first have no connection to her or to each other. Only until the end does the reader know the killer’s motives for doing this. A police detective named Lew Wanger is assigned to the different murder cases and tries to piece together the few clues and new information together to track down the murderess and catch her. This novel was featured on the radio series Molle Mystery Theatre and stars June Havoc as Julie. The adaptation is a good one and there are a few changes but still keeps to the book. I hope you use this idea as a new podcast for Radio Detective Story Hour.

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