Monthly Archives: November 2007

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 117 – I Love A Mystery

This week I am beginning a series of podcasts featuring the A-1 Detective team of Jack Packard and Doc Long – Carleton Morse’s intrepid detectives from I Love A Mystery. The series is not a complete one as there are very few complete runs of this adventure thriller series: A twelve part series called “The Pirate Loot of the Island… (more…)

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 116 – Adventures of the Abbotts

The final entry into my look at women radio detectives. This week is an example of the many husband and wife detective teams that appeared on radio. Others included Adventures of the Thin Man, Mr. & Mrs North, It’s a Crime, Mr. Collins and Front Page Farrell. This week’s series used characters from the pen of Frances Crane in which… (more…)

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 115 – Miss Pinkerton, Incorporated

Continuing with the second part look at women radio detectives, I look at another radio detective series in which a woman was the lead private investigator. Miss Pinkerton, Incorporated starred Joan Blondell and Dick Powell (right), husband and wife in real life at the time as Mary Vance, head of the Vance Detective Agency and Police investigator Murray. The only… (more…)