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Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 114 – Candy Matson

I begin a new series of podcasts focusing on radio’s “Lady Detectives.” First up is Candy Matson, probably the best of the lady detectives on radio. There are extensive sound bytes from my interview with Jack French (right) who authored Private Eyelashes, a book which looks at radio’s female detectives. Candy Matson was a production for the West Coast coming… (more…)

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 113 – 21st Precinct

Part two of a look at the police procedurals of radio drama. While Dragnet was the “daddy” of procedurals, 21st Precinct was probably an example of almost pure procedure. Dragnet had characters listeners could care about. 21st Precinct was much dryer in tone even forsaking opening and closing music and musical bridges to maintain a sense of a documentary style… (more…)

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 112 – Dragnet

Beginning a new theme – police procedurals. The detective genre’s most recent sub-genre is the police procedural. Radio followed suit with the introduction of Dragnet in 1949 created by Jack Webb (right) and its influence both on radio detectives as well as the printed word continues to be felt. I’ll provide examples of what makes a story a police procedural.… (more…)

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