Monthly Archives: August 2005

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 12 … Michael Shayne

Another great pulp magazine detective is featured on this week’s podcast. This time – Brett Halliday’s (right) Michael Shayne, in the New Adventures of Michael Shayne. Running time: 30 minutes

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 11….Gang Busters

The Radio Detective Story Hour looks at radio’s cops and robbers. We interview Martin Grams Jr., author of many books on old time radio including ‘Gang Busters: The Crime Fighters of American Broadcasting’ and listen to an episode from the series: ‘The Case of Bielanski and Tilotson’. Running time is about 60 minutes.

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 10….Bob Bailey

The Radio Detective Story Hour visits once more with Bob Bailey, this time in his long running series as George Valentine in Let George Do It. This week’s episode is “Death in Blue Jeans.” Running Time: 35 minutes.”

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode9….Jack French

Radio Detective Story Hour has an exclusive interview with Jack French, author of the Agatha Award winning Private Eyelashes: Radio’s Lady Detectives and ends with probably the best of the female detectives: Candy Matson in “The Cable Car Case.” Running time: about 60 minutes.

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