Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 109 – Nick Carter, Master Detective

This week begins a short series on radio detectives who come from the pulps. This includes pulps such as the early publications like the one on the right and Black Mask Magazine. I’ll start with one of the earliest pulp detectives who appeared on radio, Nick Carter. A look at the history of these pulps, some of the early detectives,… (more…)

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 108 – Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

From John Dickson Carr to Ellery Queen, we now move to the last of our look at the scientific detectives on radio – the master himself, Sherlock Holmes, as written by Anthony Boucher (right) and Denis Green. I’ll do a little comparing to the Edith Meiser version of Holmes too. Download | EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 107 – Adventures of Ellery Queen

Continuing the examination of the detectives using the deductive process, a look at the authors Fred Dannay and Manfred Lee, aka Ellery Queen and their famous detective. We’ll follow their connection to last week’s author John Dickson Carr and hear an episode that while not from the first year (the hour long series) reflects the hour long series since the… (more…)

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 106 – Suspense: Five Canaries in a Room

This week concludes my focus on John Dickson Carr. A look at a radio play based upon his Colonel March detective stories (written under the pseudonym Carter Dickson) without, unfortunately, the Colonel. “Five Canaries in a Room” starring Ona Munson (right) is based upon his Colonel March short story “The Crime in Nobody’s Room.” This version has been Americanized and… (more…)

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 105 – Suspense: John Dickson Carr

This week, a look at the detective Dr. Gideon Fell created by mystery writer John Dickson Carr. Carr was an American who spent much of his life in England writing “locked room” mysteries and crime involving his several detectives. Dr. Gideon Fell was one his most popular. We’ll also look at the writing of John Dickson Carr and listen to… (more…)

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 104 – Adventures of Sam Spade

This week I bring to a close the look at the influence of Dashiell Hammett’s Sam Spade on radio detectives. You’ll hear a rarer heard Adventures of Sam Spade from the first season ABC Radio network run in 1946. This series also starred Howard Duff (right) and is the only existing audio copy known from that season. These were generally… (more…)

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 103 – Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: Who Took the Taxis

A look at a sort of a six degrees of separation around Dashiell Hammett’s Sam Spade and various radio programs which seemed directly or indirectly influenced by the hardboiled detective. By early 1949, Gil Doud and Bob Tallman left the Adventures of Sam Spade. Doud became the writer for a new radio detective series – Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar starring… (more…)

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 102 – Suspense: Two Sharp Knives

A continued look at our twisted six degrees of separation as I look at radio detectives connected to Dashiell Hammett’s Sam Spade. This week a look at Hammett’s own short story adapted for radio on Suspense. Stuart Erwin (right) plays a police lieutenant who like Hammett’s Continental Op rises above the corruption of police authority to solve the crime. A… (more…)

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 101 – Suspense: The Walls Came Tumbling Down

I return from my recent hiatus with a look over the next few weeks at radio detectives that have some connection to Dashiell Hammett’s Sam Spade. This podcast begins with a look at a story from writer and scripter Jo Eisinger, whose book The Walls Came Tumbling Down was adapted into a radio play for the radio series Suspense. Listen… (more…)

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 100 – Night Beat & Broadway Is My Beat

100th podcast of this series! This week I want to return to two series with detective elements as well as what I call radio noir aspects in their productions. A special double-header focusing on the writing, the darkness and the pulse of two of the better radio series with crime detection themes. Night Beat with its gravel-voiced character played by… (more…)

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